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Supernatural: Destined For 5 Seasons?

We already know that Supernatural will be back next fall for a 4th season. However, what about after that? Creator Eric Kripke has stated that he sees the show as running for only one more season after that: "But we sort of have this five-year map. And Jared and Jensen like the idea of a five-year map because we work them so hard. It's possible, but I don't know. But a lot of these issues are beyond my control at the corporate level with ratings, etc. But my personal feeling is that I still want to go out in year five. It's better to go out strong and on top than to be 8 or 9 years into a piece of sh*t. You want conclusions - you want to end it. It's an epic story and epic stories deserve a good ending." So...probably only 2 more seasons of Supernatural to look forward to. I, by the way, agree with the creator on this one. I think it's better for a show to go out on a creative high as opposed to fizzling out over time (*cough* Smallville *cough*). Your thoughts? Source: BuddyTV

8 Preview Pics for Supernatural - Time Is On My Side featuring Billy Drago

B-horror movie and TV staple Billy Drago (Charmed, Tremors 4) turns up to do some torturing on "Time Is On My Side," the May 5 episode of The CW's Supernatural. Click through for 8 large preview pics from the ep, but be warned -- Drago's no Brad Pitt. Click for the pics an episode description

View New Pics from Time is On My Side

View new pics from the upcoming episode Time is On My Side Here

Season 4 Will Lose a Castmember

Due to budget cuts and complaints from fans, the character of Bela, played by Lauren Cohan, will not be returning in the fall for the 4th season of Supernatural . Are you guys happy or sad to see Bela departing? Source: BuddyTV

View 10 large, creepy preview pics from Supernatural - Ghostfacers

Check out Sam and Dean defiling rotten corpses and looking astonished by yet another spooky mystery in these preview pics from Ghostfacers, the April 24 episode of Supernatural. Click to view the pics

'Supernatural' Scares Up Big Ratings

Article from ------------------------------------------------------------- Monday, February 25, 2008 Last Thursday's final pre-strike episode of Supernatural, "Jus in Bello," brought some good news for fans of the series who are hoping for a fourth season pickup. The episode was seen by 3.22 million viewers, which is Supernatural's largest audience of the season. It also matched its best performance of the year in the important 18-34 demographic amongst adults and women, while scoring a season high in the 18-34 male demographic. Even more impressive is that it accomplished all of this without its usual Smallville lead in. Needless to say, ratings like this will make Supernatural look quite appealing when it comes time for the CW to decide whether to renew it for another year. Though the CW notoriously decided not to rerun the series this spring, all signs are pointing toward the show being renewed for another year. According to Matt Roush at, fans probably don't have much to worry about. "The passion of the loyal and vocal Supernatural fan base is well known," Roush wrote. "The show has found its core audience, which has been enough to keep it alive for three years, and given that the CW isn't exactly drowning in hot franchises, the chances are pretty excellent that it will get a fourth season. I predict it will remain a consistent cult draw in one of TV's most impossible time periods next fall. If it comes down to choosing between Supernatural and Reaper for next season, that's a no-brainer. Supernatural is on top of its game, while Reaper is still trying to figure the game out." It's also a fact that the CW as a whole has been struggling this season, with even their biggest hits suffering from unexpected ratings dips. The season premiere of reality hit America's Next Top Model tumbled 26 percent from the previous premiere, while Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious is being watched by about three people. Those worried about Supernatural being replaced with a trashy reality franchise can probably breathe easy. The Winchester brothers will return with four more episodes beginning on April 24. Until then, feel free to revel in a great episode's much deserved ratings win. - Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Columnist Source:

Supernatural Scores Season-high Ratings!

The chances of Supernatural seeing a fourth season just got a little brighter. Last night's zombie-themed episode scared up some serious ratings, with the show matching its best performance of the season in adults 18-34 and women 18-34, and scored a season high with men 18-34. It also attracted its largest audience of the season (3.22 million). And get this: It did so on a night when Smallville wasn't even on. A Supernatural rerun aired at 8 pm. Crazy, right? — Michael Ausiello (

Season High Ratings for Jus In Bello

Supernatural has not yet been renewed for a 4th season, but according to TV Guide, last night it scored season high ratings - with 3.22 million viewers - making its outlook certainly seem a little brighter...

Supernatural Schedule Update!

Supernatural 's final pre-strike episode will air February 21st. Then Supernatural will return for 4 new episodes on April 24th.

Supernatural Returns January 31st!

Supernatural will continue its season Thursday, 1/31 for 4 new episodes.