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Teen Mom OG Reunion Part 1 Recap: Amber Dumps Matt, Mackenzie Blames Maci & More

Is it really a Teen Mom OG reunion if nobody walks off stage? Part 1 of the Season 6B finale special, featuring Amber Portwood and Maci Bookout, has one walk-off and one almost walk-off from our cast members, and it's almost as dramatic as last year's physical altercation.  ...Read More... //

Teen Mom OG Finale Recap: Matt Gets Dumped, Ryan Gets Married (And High) & More

90 minutes is barely enough time to pack in the drama of the Teen Mom OG Season 6B finale. Someone gets dumped, someone else gets married, and someone else — okay, Ryan Edwards — gets really, really high and it's difficult to watch. Read on for the best photos and quotes from the TMOG supersized recap, and stay tuned to Wetpaint for more on TMOG and the upcoming Season 8 of Teen Mom 2.  ...Read More... //

Teen Mom OG Season 6B Recap: A Look Back at the Amber Portwood/Matt Baier Drama

What this season of Teen Mom OG lacked in Matt Baier baby mama drama it definitely made up for in other ways. Amber Portwood and her fiancé have been through the ringer on Season 6B, from Amber rethinking the wedding, to his aggressive Las Vegas tirade, to Amb busting him with pills! And it’ll all culminate in tonight’s finale, where Leah’s mama finds out the truth about her man when he takes (and fails) a lie detector test.   ...Read More... //

Teen Mom OG Recap: Maci Bookout Takes Steps to Get Ryan Edwards in Rehab

Ryan Edwards is one step closer to getting help. On Teen Mom OG Season 6 episode 26, Maci Bookout finally makes moves to get her ex in rehab, while Mackenzie Standifer seems unbothered by what’s going on and continues wedding planning. Hmm… Elsewhere, Amber Portwood gets wind of rumors that Matt Baier could be cheating on her, and Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra have their sights set on yet another new house!  ...Read More... //

Teen Mom OG Recap: Amber Calls Off Wedding After Catching Matt With Pills

Amber Portwood has threatened many a time to call off her wedding to Matt Baier, but it’s the final straw on Teen Mom OG this week when she catches her man doling out pills to her co-star while they’re all in New York City for press. Guess they might have to cancel that venue they booked just days prior!   ...Read More... //

Teen Mom OG Recap: Maci & Taylor Begin Couples Therapy I Need to Feel Wanted

You’d think that this episode of Teen Mom OG would give us some resolution on the whole Ryan Edwards drugs thing, but instead, Maci Bookout deals with another issue this week — her marriage. As she and Taylor begin counseling, Catelynn Lowell gets candid about her gripes with Carly’s adoptive parents, and Farrah Abraham starts dating… well, sorta. ...Read More... //

Teen Mom OG Recap: Matt Baier Refuses to Marry Ambers Fking Psycho Ass

...Read More... //

Teen Mom OG Recap: Amber Rethinks Wedding, Admits Trust Isnt There With Matt

Isn’t it weirdly coincidental timing that just as Amber Portwood and Matt Baier breakup rumors surface in real life, we start to see some cracks in their relationship on Teen Mom OG? In the May 15 episode, Amber gets some serious cold feet when trying on wedding dresses, so much so that the future of their relationship is really up in the air. Not good, people! Elsewhere in the ep, Ryan Edwards’s family is not happy with Maci Bookout’s comments about them, and Farrah Abraham finally agrees to let her mom and her fiancé into her and Sophia’s lives… but obviously it won’t be that easy. ...Read More... //

Teen Mom OG Recap: Farrah Abraham Kicks Debra Out After Sophias Birthday

  It's the first time in three months Farrah Abraham has seen her mom, Debra, who's in town for Sophia's 8th birthday... but we're thinking maaaybe she should've stayed home? Elsewhere on Teen Mom OG, newly-engaged Ryan Edwards is finally stepping up to the dad plate, and Tyler Baltierra is still struggling with his dad's relapse (and how it effects his own parenting). Read on for the full recap of TMOG Season 6 episode 20, plus the best pics and quotes. ...Read More... //

Teen Mom OG Recap: Maci Calls Ryan a Piece of St Amid His Engagement

  In a turn of events we never saw coming, Ryan Edwards is off the market, ladies and gents! But just as he and Mackenzie Standifer revel in their engagement, his ex, Maci Bookout, is over there bashing him on-camera and calling him a “piece of s—t” over his fathering skills. Uh, congrats? Elsewhere on Teen Mom OG, Catelynn Lowell takes her husband on a surprise romantic getaway to Wyoming, and Amber Portwood gets really upset with how little she gets to see Leah around the holidays. ...Read More... //