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'Terra Nova' Recap: Season Finale

The war between ‘Terra Nova’ and the future exploded (literally) in the two hour season finale where one reoccurring character even died! //www.starpulse.com/news/Danielle_Shields/2011/12/20/terra_nova_recap_season_finale

Terra Nova - "Occupation / Resistance" Season Finale Recap

Terra Nova reaches the end of its first season order with tonight’s eleventh and twelfth episodes "Occupation," and "Resistance," and with it Terra Nova faces its final battle when Lucas' army invades from 2149, while Jim and Taylor form a resistance against the occupation to return control of the colony, and protect the new paradise they've created. In the year 2149, Lucas oversees preparation of the army he plans to take back with Terra Nova, when another man from his organization, Weaver, joins to question Lucas’ Nyko Raptor scar, and whether their use of Hope Plaza will be successful.  Lucas sinisterly assures his comrade that they’ll get in successfully. Read More... //feedproxy.google.com/~r/tvovermind/tvnews/~3/FIrGXqc7uvU/113270

'Terra Nova' Finale Recap: You Gotta Fight For Your Right

On this week's episode of Terra Nova , Lucas has finished his work on his two-way portal, and is starting his plan to bring in those who want to destroy Terra Nova. It is up to the Shannon family and Taylor to take back the colony. This was a special two-hour finale with a lot of plot points stuffed inside, so let's get to it. //www.buddytv.com/articles/terra-nova/terra-nova-finale-recap-you-go-43203.aspx

Terra Nova Review: No Hope Plaza

The largest issue I have with the Terra Nova season finale is that there were many nice moments in  " Occupation/Resistance "  that could have been great if they weren't part of a show that - in general - is just not good.  For example, the early scene at the bar was nice.  Lucas making a big deal about his pseudo brother/sister relationship with Skye was funny, and then after he tried to go a bit too far with his fake sister, Josh coming to the rescue was admirable.  Lucas again proved to be a viable villain as he took a number of free shots on the teenager, before Big Jim Shannon came storming into the bar to save the day. Read More... //www.tvfanatic.com/2011/12/terra-nova-review-occupationresistance/

'Terra Nova' season finale recap: Back to the Future

When it was over, I asked my friend the same question I had asked again and again during the two-hour finale: "This is  good , I mean  good , isn't it?" I was really surprised how much  Terra Nova had improved for its closer. Sure, a few skeptics of the show will say it wasn't enough. But for me, the two parter directed by  24  vet Jon Cassar -- saddled with the spoiler-heavy titles of "Occupation" and "Resistance" -- was easily the best entry of the season. We're going to recap the finale, PLUS reveal the winning entries and runner-ups from last week's Give Commander Taylor an Eyepatch Photo Contest (yes, that was real, and yes, readers participated, and there's a couple images I am confident will brighten your day). Sound like a plan? All Shannons agree? Let's go: We open with a shot of the planet: Dry, dusty, no vegetation, smog. We're back to 2149, bitches! We zoom into a dome. Jake Gyllenhaal's creepy cousin Lucas, having activated the Terra Nova portal to go both ways, has returned to the future. He's planning to send a team of mercenaries called the Phoenix Group to take over the colony with the help of a new bad guy named Weaver. In the process, he's hoping to kill his dad, Taylor. We learn they've commandeered the best army money can buy. Read More... //tvrecaps.ew.com/recap/terra-nova-finale/

Recap: 'Terra Nova' Finale - 'Occupation/Resistance'

HitFix's Ryan McGee recaps the Monday, December 19 finale of FOX's Terra Nova, titled "Occupation/Resistance." //www.hitfix.com/blogs/monkeys-as-critics/posts/recap-terra-nova-finale-occupation-resistance

Terra Nova “Occupation; Resistance” Review

Well, this is it you guys.! This is possibly the last time we’ll be seeing  Terra Nova , so the two part season finale, "Occupation; Resistance", is forced into a difficult position. On one hand, you have to conclude the story as best you can in case the show is cancelled  and give us as much closure as possible. On the other hand , you need to leave the story open enough in case you are renewed for a second season . With all that said, there’s one thing you definitely can say about Terra Nova: They’re not afraid to make big moves. I mean, nine minutes into the episode  the entire colony has been overrun and occupied by Lucas Taylor’s army. After the explosion  at the portal , I thought that we might get to see what happened between the Phoenix army and the colonists, but it was actually very effective the way they did it. Seeing Shannon stumbling out of the medical center and seeing all of the destruction  and smoldering ruins around him was one of the best scenes we’ve had on this show so far. After getting us viewers invested in this location and the characters, seeing these buildings burned and devastated was a very powerful visual. Read More... //www.daemonstv.com/2011/12/19/terra-nova-occupation-resistance-review/