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The Big C Series Finale Review: And They Lived Happily Ever After

As the clock wound down on the series, it became apparent that, while Cathy Jamison was the main attraction and her death was the featured event after four seasons of buildup, the stories that seemed to matter most were those of the family and friends Cathy left behind. Read More... //

The Big C Season 4 Premiere Review: Cathy Lives

The good news is that Cathy is likable again. The bad news is only bad if you think the revelation about Angel was a total cop-out. Read More... //

Writing the Final Season of ‘The Big C:’ My Death Wish Granted

When I wrote the pilot for "The Big C" four years ago, I wrote it for myself. Because I was scared of dying. Read More... //

'The Big C: Hereafter' Review: Goodbye, Cathy

The Big C , Showtime's cancer dramedy, ends its run starting Monday, April 29 at 10pm. The show's final four hour-long installments are a miniseries subtitled Hereafter , a fitting name for what these episodes represent. //

The Big C Review: Fishing for Happiness

On last week's episode of The Big C , as Paul Jamison was finding his voice as a motivational speaker in San Juan, he told attendees to enjoy the heck out of life because "we only have so many breaths" on this planet. So, along those inspiring lines, I must now announce: I think I must " Fly Away " from this Showtime series following a lackluster conclusion to a disappointing season. As I wrote throughout Season 3, The Big C veered far away from a show about a woman dealing with her cancer diagnosis. It went in a number of unexpected, far out there directions, from a phony pregnancy scheme to a sudden bus accident. Read More... //

The Big C “Fly Away” Season Finale Review

I apologize for misleading you. Last week , I stated that the past few episodes of  The Big C  had taken us to a place that, while ridiculous, at least was dealing with Cathy and her crazy ways. It wasn’t great television, but at least it was starting to make some more sense. Even Cathy was starting to acknowledge that she was behaving rather poorly. If nothing else, I thought that we would get an engaging close to a rather disappointing season. Turns out, I was hoodwinked. First off , Cathy decides to take off in her scuba gear into the middle of  the ocean and away from her boat and dive buddy, Sean. Granted, Sean was busy with a very specific type of well-shaped water animal, but he didn’t stray too far. Yet somehow, Cathy ends up in the middle of the ocean. Seemed like a creaky plot device to get Cathy to someone that she could talk to*, but I was willing to go with it anyway. Read More... //  

The Big C “Vaya Con Dios” Review

Due to unforeseen circumstances , I missed reviewing last week’s episode of  The Big C . As people who follow these reviews regularly may have noticed, I have been way down on this season  as a whole. Therefore, when it was time to catch up on last week’s episode so I could have some context for this week, I sighed deeply, gritted my teeth, and pressed play  on the remote. What I was met with was rather surprising. The episode was still fairly ridiculous, but we got an opportunity to set up some things that have the potential to be quite interesting. On top of that, several people are finally starting to confront Cathy on her craziness, her hypocritical tendencies, and her general stupidity. While I wouldn’t call myself excited for this episode, I am at least intrigued by the possibilities of what could happen here. Read More... //  

The Big C Review: Unbroken Joy

Well, that certainly took awhile. And it also took a very circuitous route. But The Big C finally got real on " Vaya Con Dios ," abandoning anything about anal sex, thruples, phony pregnancies and random bus accidents to focus on what ought to be the heart of the series: Paul and Cathy's marriage. And, this just in... ... it isn't going very well. Read More... //

The Big C Review: A Total Killjoy

The Big C is sort of a big mess these days, isn't it? Season three has been lacking continuity - or sense, in many cases - and that was never more evident than the episode " Killjoy ." Let's start with the idea that a man and woman would fake a pregnancy in order to score some cash. Really? Is this seriously the best get-rich-quick scheme a couple can come up with? It assumes an awful lot, namely that they will be showered with gifts from the hopeful family waiting for their baby. Read More... //

The Big C Review: Getting Juicy

Well, that was certainly a twist. For most of " How Bazaar ," I found myself once again hating on Cathy and feeling like the show - which started two seasons ago as grounded in the idea of a woman struggling with her cancer diagnosis - was continuing to branch off in a number of absurd directions. Paul with a sponsorship? Sean in an open threesome... err, thruple? As I wrote about last week , I'm all for funny, unique storylines. But The Big C has just been really out there over the last few episodes, focusing more on the ridiculous actions of its characters than on the characters themselves. Read More... //