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The Brink: Season 1 Review

A look back at the first 10 episodes of HBO's star-studded political satire.   Read More... //

The Brink: Season 1 Finale Review

Everything came to a head in The Brink's first season finale.   Read More.. //

The Brink: "Just a Little Crazy Talk" Review

Walter, Alex and Zeke's storylines finally all merged together in the penultimate episode.   Read More... //

The Brink: "Sticky Wicket" Review

The proverbial poster button is finally pushed as Walter's plans fall through.   Read More... //

The Brink: "Swim, Shmuley, Swim" Review

The pilots are taken hostage and Walter gets played.   Read More... //

The Brink: "I'll Never Be Batman" Review

Tilson and Taylor come under duress while discussing their love lives.  Read More... //

The Brink: "Baghdad My A**" Review

Talbot delivers a message to Larson and Zeke avoids jail time.   Read More... //

The Brink: "Half-Cocked" Review

The situation with Pakistan grows worse when India becomes involved.  Read More... //

'The Brink' premiere react: Political satire with few laughs

Its tough not to feel at least some level of disappointment after watching The Brink s premiere. With such a talented cast on screenand a relatively unique plot and structure for a comedy, HBOs new political satire has a lot going for it. Unfortunately, its attempts to make all of that...    Read More... //

The Brink: Is Jack Black's New War Comedy Da Bomb or Just a Bomb?

In HBOs The Brink, which premiered Sunday, a low-level bureaucrat, a drug-dealing navy commander and the U.S. Secretary of State were faced with the rise of a schizophrenic dictator and the dawn of World War III. The dark comedy, starring Jack Black (School of Rock), Tim Robbins (Mystic River) and a pornstache-less Pablo Schreiber (Orange [] //