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Who Won This Season of The Fashion Show? [Video]

The Fashion Show? " href="//tv.gawker.com/5743778/who-won-this-season-of-the-fashion-show" class="pp_image"> Season 2 of  The Fashion Show  has come to a close with its three top designers showcasing their final collections. In the final three were Dominique, a 21 year old just out of fashion school, Jeffrey, a unisex designer from Seattle, and Calvin, who has made it to the finals despite being pegged as exceedingly difficult and never having won a challenge. For the finale, the designers were asked to design ten looks in one week. To help with the sewing, each was given the aid of one contestant who had been eliminated previously in the competition. This meant the reunion of Dominique and Dave, as well as the rekindling of the flirtation that they've been engaging in throughout the season. Read More... //tv.gawker.com/5743778/who-won-this-season-of-the-fashion-show

'The Fashion Show' finale: Calvin, Dominique or Jeffrey? Vote!

Before we get to the finalists, can we have a moment of silence for Iman's departure from our weekly airwaves. She definitely brought that show to a whole new level. To Iman, we dedicate the "ultimate" in "The Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection."Now, the finalists:Calvin: While the general viewing audience seemed to really want him out and even Iman has said that she was over him, Calvin out-b***hed the competition and narrowly survived several eliminations. But, this is a television show. And no matter how you swing it, Calvin gives good TV. Would we want him designing anything for us? No. We'd rather not pay someone to insult us. In the end, though, he consistently delivers well-made clothing and it's always a surprise how he includes functionality into his designs. Plus, he gave us the phrase, "Here go hell come." And for that, we are eternally grateful.Dominique: As the one of the youngest and least experienced... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2011/01/fashion-show-finale-calvin-dominique-or-jeffrey-vote.html

Johnny Weir Drops ''Dirty'' Single, Will Judge Bravo's The Fashion Show - Wetpaint

What are the chances   Skating with the Stars judge Johnny Weir wrote "Dirty Love" for SWTS runner-up Bethenny Frankel? In his new dance single, the 26-year-old figure skater sings "I'm not scared of your dirty love/ You think you know me, but I call your bluff/ Better raise your game/ Come on let’s make some dirty love." Okay, so the song was put together way before SWTS. That doesn't mean we can't extend the Johnny/Bethenny feud for our own purposes. It's too much fun to ignore!   To Read More  Click Here.

'The Fashion Show': One man's junk is a Hampton woman's worst nightmare

The challenge this week on "The Fashion Show" was meant to test just how creative our ragamuffins (as we affectionately call them) can be. The answer? Not much.This was a classic challenge for "Project Runway." Making fashion from found items goes back to its first season. But for the ragamuffins of "The Fashion Show," the concept was a bit out of their reach. Items found at a train station's Lost and Found department would have been a dream challenge for the "Runway" contestants -- at least there was actual fabric involved and not flowers or kitchen items, etc.We also had a switch go down where David and Jeffrey traded houses. That was mostly interesting, because it split up a budding love affair. David and Dominique were getting too PDA for us, anyway. We think the TV gods manufactured that switch for the fans and we give our hearty thanks!Then, we saw the power dynamics in... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2010/12/the-fashion-show-one-mans-junk-is-a-hampton-womans-worst-nightmare.html

'The Fashion Show's' Isaac Mizrahi confirms Iman 'really is nuts'

We  had the amazing opportunity to drop in on "The Fashion Show's" mentor and judge, designer  Isaac Mizrahi , at his New York City showroom. He's already working on his Fall 2011 line, so time is at a premium for the designer. But when it comes to shooting the Bravo competition, he feels it's worth it.  "That's a very long day of taping, as you can imagine," he tells us. "But what you lose, you gain in eye candy, because you're watching two really fun shows." In probably the best reboots of a show we've seen in a while, "The Fashion Show's" revamped look in Season 2 and new host and judge, the iconic supermodel  Iman , has made all the difference. "I think [Iman] makes the show like a lot of fun," Mizrahi says. "She's just such a kook. She's so crazy. And she really is. It's not like she's just doing that. She really is nuts." Mizrahi says that Iman not only intimidates the show's contestants, but him, as well. Though, he has figured out how to deal with her. "You just have to stare her down," he says. "You have to be bitchier, bigger, better and have more wigs than she does. That's the only way to beat Iman. You have to beat Iman at her own game."

'The Fashion Show': Hot mess time machine

The ragamuffins (as we have come to affectionately call the contestants of "The Fashion Show") had two big challenges this week and their names were  David  and  Dominique . Seriously, get a room. We got shivers watching them flirt with each other, but not the good kind. Otherwise, the two houses had to design lines inspired by certain years from the past and using plaid (because  Iman  happens to like plaid? Go figure). Most of the designers had an easy time of it, but a couple just couldn't get their act together.  Golnessa  couldn't figure out what she wanted to do and  Rolondo AKA Ro  designed above his own skill level. So, what made the difference?  Cesar . To Read More  Click Here.

'The Fashion Show' premiere: Iman gets mall'd

How did you all like Bravo's second season reboot of "The Fashion Show"? Didn't Iman just make all the low-budget smoke and mirrors just worth it? We did warn you earlier that the contestants are a bit rough around the edges. Fine, they're straight-up ragamuffins. Could some of them have at least picked up a comb on the way in to the studio? Regardless, Iman's "tomato-tomahto" argument with Calvin? Worth it. What about when she cut off fellow judge, Harpers Bazaar's Laura Brown, with, "It's a fashion emergency and it needs an e-vahc-uation." Oh, Iman. We adore you. We can already tell that Calvin will be the source of a lot of drama and even more cries of "huh, what'd he say?" To Read More Click Here.

'The Fashion Show' preview: 5 ways Iman changes the game

We're excited by the new season of "The Fashion Show." Why? One word: Iman. The iconic supermodel joins the show for Season 2 and she really is a game-changer. Let's be real: "The Fashion Show" was Bravo's answer to "Project Runway" and Season 1 fell short of the right answer. But the truth is "Runway" isn't as great as it was in its heyday, either. Especially after this season's bloated 90-minute running time and its majorly unlikeable cast. "The Fashion Show" now has a chance to inch up on its competition and Iman as judge was a good step in that direction. To Read More Click Here.

The Fashion Show's Clothes Call

The Project Runway-ish competition is back tonight at 10/9c on Bravo with a Survivor-like alteration (two teams of six instead of 12 lone designers). We needled The Fashion Show hosts Iman and Isaac Mizrahi for the skinny. To Read More Click Here.

Exclusive Interview: "Unsophisticated" Clothes Help Anna Win 'The Fashion Show'

When the dust settled on Bravo 's The Fashion Show , Anna was the winner thanks to viewers voting for her. She received 56 percent of the vote, more than twice her nearest competitor. However, when it came time for the judges to make their pick, they chose Daniella. The Fashion Show came down to the basic debate between being a clothing designer and a fashion designer. A clothing designer cares about the business, about making clothes people will wear and buy. But as The Fashion Show proved, the true world of fashion has very little do to with such practical matters. To Read More Click Here .