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'The Fashion Show': Jeffrey wins with a collection inspired by his late mother

After an exhausting week of designing on the finale of Bravo's "The Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection," supermodel Iman and her less interesting judging cohorts named their winner. And Zap2it readers, you picked correctly.Congratulations goes to Jeffrey!Jeffrey walked away with the win after a stunning fashion show that judge Isaac Mizrahi compared to "an orgasm" for how it built to a big finale dress - a red gown with a long, flowing back. Guest judge Mary J. Blige said she would wear every design he sent down the runway.It looked touch and go there for a while. With only two days to go, Jeffrey had very little to show for the previous few days of work. Calvin had basically finished his collection and made sure everyone knew. To top it off, the judges threw in a twist. On top of the nine looks the designers were already working on, they threw in a judges' pick. Jeffrey persevered through... //

'The Fashion Show': What Worked and What Didn't

If you thought the world was running low on aspiring fashion designers, you thought wrong! There's still enough for Project Runway , and for every  Project Runway  knockoff Bravo can throw at us to make sure we know they miss it. I miss it, too, Bravo.  Project Runway  was the first show I ever got excited about, and the original  Fashion Show  (with Kelly Rowland, remember?) and  Launch My Line  just couldn't measure up. Is  The Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection  the answer? Uhhhhh maybe not. Let's talk about what works and what doesn't based on this week's premiere.   IT WORKS: The concept.  If there's a fashion-based show, especially if it's a skill competition, we're going to watch it. Or we'll at least check it out until we forget about it.  The Fashion Show  is similar enough to  Project Runway  for us to watch and know what to expect, but different enough to avoid a lawsuit.   To Read More Click Here.

The Fashion Show: A Post-Season Assessment, Or What To Tweak When A Second Season Comes Along

Yep, The Fashion Show is over. Anna already won, Daniella already got her ten grand... so why am I still here talking about it? Oddly, there are still some questions left floating after the finale aired last Thursday, and it's not about why it had to be so boring. Well, being the quick-to-birth descendant of Project Runway , after it decided to pack up for Lifetime, there has been quite an opinion on The Fashion Show, and mostly the kind that isn't so kind. Wrapping up last Thursday's recap, I was surprised to get the same question from some of you, and some of my friends who have decided to watch the show. Will there be a second season? Sure, there's no official word yet, but for a show that's more of a stop-gap measure to fill a quick gap in the schedule, questions about its future is not a surprise. To be honest, the show did fulfill something, even if many watched it just to wait for Project Runway to arrive. Personally, The Fashion Show made fashion a little more accessible for me, since watching Runway intimidated me a bit. At least this was a bit more inclusive (thanks to the diverse backgrounds of the contestants), a bit more welcome, and a little less snobbish. But, obviously, the show's been rushed. It feels as if not much thought has been given to the production--note, not the challenges, although it can be a bit ridiculous sometimes, like the tarot card challenge. It feels cheap when it shouldn't be. And Kelly Rowland is, of course, something I've already discussed a few weeks back. Maybe if it's given a second season, they could stop looking like it's haphazardly made and turn itself into something that's more refined. What's harder to solve is whether The Fashion Show can really carve a niche for itself. Maybe this is the problem with following Project Runway's footsteps: whereas that show has made a name for being stylish and groundbreaking, I'm left confused as to what this show was all about. "Real fashion for real people," sure, but at times the criteria was still about aesthetics or innovation or vision. It was hard to predict who might win, because there also was the saleability factor beckoning. I realized that, again, while doing the recap last week, and those who follow us on Twitter would notice this bit when I mentioned what Angel mentioned on her Twitter page. "I honestly had no idea this was a competition for mass-market design until last week at the reunion show," she wrote. "The judges [wanted] us to be innovative, but that is usually the opposite of mass-market." So, is The Fashion Show really going to be about clothes that we can wear, or clothes that will define future trends? Judging from the last twelve episodes, I think they're confused as to what to do with that, too. Or, maybe Isaac and Fern's high fashion background dominated Kelly's cluelessness. But, if the show's to return for a second season, there are many things that they have to tweak--and, while I'm willing to give the show a second chance, I should feel like it's worth it. It can do it, really. It just has to know what it really wants to do. Source Here

First Crowned Winner of 'The Fashion Show'

Anna McCraney, a graduate from Rhode Island School of Design, has beaten two other designers to steal the crown on " The Fashion Show ". The votes that determine who win were quite above the par. Anna won 56% of them while Daniella and James-Paul got 25% and 19% respectively. Daniella however, was the judges' pick to go home with $10,000. But as a winner, Anna gets to sell her creations at retail market and a cash prize of $125,000. "I'm thrilled," she said after winning. "I'm so happy because I worked so hard for so long... I'll always do fashion whether I have a million dollars or 20." Though coming out as a winner, Anna's victory was not immediately foreseen. Anna's final collection was criticized by the judges of lacking cohesiveness and she did not particularly stand among the crowd. "I don't have the TV personality," she admitted during the finale on Thursday, July 23. "I'm not that person with the witty remarks." The first season has ended but Bravo TV has not budged on announcing the second season. For one thing, the show was produced when the network lost " Project Runway " to Lifetime this year. It scored in average only one third of "Project" usual rating. Source Here

The Fashion Show: One Person's Slightly Subjective Assessment of the Final Three

Apparently, voting for The Fashion Show 's already done. Darn it. If I wasn't so busy I would've tossed in my vote online. So, my job now is to assess the final three designers on so many fronts: their performance throughout the season, their final collections, and (inevitably) their popularity among us, the viewers, because they decided to give us the final say. Anna, Daniella and James-Paul, it's on! Ding! Here's a floater, though: we've been exposed to fashion for quite a while now, and we all know it's totally subjective. While there are some constants in this field, these rankings of sort will definitely vary depending on where and how you're looking at it. Me, I'm the guy who likes things that are well thought out, but doesn't look intimidating. This is going to be a hard one. So, dig. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed The Lasy Episode Watch It Here Online Now .

The Fashion Show Finale Part 1: Whoa, Curveball!

Last week on The Fashion Show , we narrowed down our contestants to the final four. James-Paul, Reco, Daniella, and Anna are the remaining contestants. TRESemme will be providing the $125,000 grand prize. Danielle plays up the fact that she's young, awesome and recently graduated. Anna shows up next and her story is indescript. Reco comes in and asks Daniella if she's been smoking crack just to emphasize that he's from the ghetto. James-Paul is the wildcard who explains that he's a bit too experimental for most people. Then there are our judges. Isaac Mizrahi and Kelly Rowland emphasize that they haven't seen the contestants for ten weeks. Isaac claims that the biggest names in fashion will be at the show. Fern Mallis and Glenda Bailey (editor of Harper's Bazaar) are the only people he mentions. Then, curveball!, Isaac Mizrahi announces that they will be eliminating one contestant before America gets to vote. The night before the fashion show, Reco rolls out his ghetto cardboard box of completed clothing by 3am. The day of the fashion show, all the contestants seem excited except for Reco. And of course, the zipper on his center piece breaks. He sews it shut as the director is pulling the models away. To Read More Click Here

Recap: Copycats, Crybabies, and the Final Four

Last week on The Fashion Show , big personality Merlin was finally eliminated. Anna won last week for her very cute red dress. This week, on designer might be ripping off another designer. Oh no! Right away, Reco says he misses Merlin but it's more important that he wins to pay off his bills. James-Paul goes cry baby on us and starts saying that being a designer is "Me. it's what I do." The Harper's Bazaar Mini-Challenge: It's about draping this week. Isaac Mizrahi takes 6 pins out of a draped dress to reveal one piece of fabric. Glenda Bailey, editor-in-chief of Harper's Bazaar and Isabelle Toledo, designer of Michelle Obama's dress, are the guest judges. The designers get one piece of silk fabric and twelve pins. The judges like everyone's but James-Paul and Johnny R.'s designs. Daniella wins the draping challenge and her ego gets bigger and bigger. Elimination Challenge: Evening gowns. I think Reco just had an orgasm. The catch: crystals. They have to make the model feel like a million ******* diamonds! Haven, Angel, Keith, Andrew, and Merlin all come back for the challenge. Daniella and Haven, James-Paul and Merlin, Reco and Andrew, Johnny R. and Angel, and Anna and Keith are the teams. Daniella has a thunder storm for inspiration. Johnny R. hates working with Angel. Merlin will do anything for James-Paul and he's thinking black. Reco is thinking Victoria Beckham. Johnny R. is thinking Maggie Gyllenhaal. Anna picked a disgusting floral fabric. To Read More Click here .

Recap: Let's Get Psychical

Six designers remain and this week The Fashion Show finalists go to a psychic to discover their future (or as Merlin calls it, a "Physic," hence the grammatically incorrect headline). Spoiler alert: the psychic isn't real, because if she was, she could tell us who wins and save everyone the trouble of stress and designing dresses. I thought we were in an economic downturn, so how does TRESemme have enough to help shell out $125,00 to the winner of The Fashion Show? At least it's good to see one industry not in need of a bail out. People can lose their cars and houses, but they will always have hair. Except Reco. To Read more Click Here .

Episode 8 "Ode to La Mode" Recap

Last week on The Fashion Show , Lidia was sent home after experiencing the James-Paul curse. Reco and Daniella hate one another. Still. Haven and Anna had the winning design. This week on The Fashion Show, Reco talks about tolerating Daniella while Haven brags about her win. The Harpar's Bazaar mini challenge will test the designer's knowledge of seven legendary designers. Anna knows that Coco Chanel invented the little black dress. Merlin knows "Fashion fades, style is eternal" was said by Yves Saint Laurent. Haven is the first to be eliminated. Reco is the next person eliminated. Laura Brown is awkwardly standing around with her person. She's being so weird today. Daniella and James-Paul leave just Merlin and Anna in the competition. Anna wins the competition, which makes sense because she's a teacher. Laura awkwardly leaves as Kelly Rowland awkwardly announces her win officially. Isaac Mizrahi and Kelly Rowland announce that this week's challenge is to create an homage to one of the seven famous fashion greats. Isaac tells them not to insult the fashion icons by doing cheap knock offs. Anna picks Coco Chanel. Haven gets Yves Saint Laurent. Versace goes to Johnny R. Madam Gres goes to Merlin. He does not know who she is. Emilio Pucci goes to James-Paul. Reco gets Halston. Of course she picked that designer for Reco because he doesn't know anything about Halston. He then makes some comment about how Anna took care of her friends and tried to salt a pimp's game. The designers have a $230 budget. Haven, Anna and Johnny R. seem to be working with one another and giving a lot of extra help. Merlin then tells James-Paul and Reco that the girls are conspiring to get them eliminated. That seems stupid. James-Paul then tries to help Merlin out by telling him a bit about Madam Gres. No one informs Reco about Halston. Haven tells Daniella that Dior doesn't do pants. Anna tells her to go with her instincts. Reco's model asks if his inspiration was "medieval" and he gets offended. To Read More Click Here .

Episode 6 "Mean Girls" Recap

The Fashion Show always reminds me of this quote from the new Fox show Glee : "I'm Beyonce, I ain't no Kelly Rowland." It's said by a sassy girl who objects to being a background singer, and it doesn't quite fit with The Fashion Show because this reality competition is so Kelly Rowland. This episode is all about cliques, which means all the contestants talk about their high school years, and as you might expect, all the guys felt like outsiders who were mocked all the time. Oh really? Someone mocked James-Paul or Johnny or Merlin? I don't believe it!. To Read More Click here .