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The Fashion Show: One Person's Slightly Subjective Assessment of the Final Three

Apparently, voting for The Fashion Show 's already done. Darn it. If I wasn't so busy I would've tossed in my vote online. So, my job now is to assess the final three designers on so many fronts: their performance throughout the season, their final collections, and (inevitably) their popularity among us, the viewers, because they decided to give us the final say. Anna, Daniella and James-Paul, it's on! Ding! Here's a floater, though: we've been exposed to fashion for quite a while now, and we all know it's totally subjective. While there are some constants in this field, these rankings of sort will definitely vary depending on where and how you're looking at it. Me, I'm the guy who likes things that are well thought out, but doesn't look intimidating. This is going to be a hard one. So, dig. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed The Lasy Episode Watch It Here Online Now .

The Fashion Show Finale Part 1: Whoa, Curveball!

Last week on The Fashion Show , we narrowed down our contestants to the final four. James-Paul, Reco, Daniella, and Anna are the remaining contestants. TRESemme will be providing the $125,000 grand prize. Danielle plays up the fact that she's young, awesome and recently graduated. Anna shows up next and her story is indescript. Reco comes in and asks Daniella if she's been smoking crack just to emphasize that he's from the ghetto. James-Paul is the wildcard who explains that he's a bit too experimental for most people. Then there are our judges. Isaac Mizrahi and Kelly Rowland emphasize that they haven't seen the contestants for ten weeks. Isaac claims that the biggest names in fashion will be at the show. Fern Mallis and Glenda Bailey (editor of Harper's Bazaar) are the only people he mentions. Then, curveball!, Isaac Mizrahi announces that they will be eliminating one contestant before America gets to vote. The night before the fashion show, Reco rolls out his ghetto cardboard box of completed clothing by 3am. The day of the fashion show, all the contestants seem excited except for Reco. And of course, the zipper on his center piece breaks. He sews it shut as the director is pulling the models away. To Read More Click Here