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In near-future London, a man invents a brain implant that allows people to instantly share thoughts and emotions. However, when the technology falls into the wrong hands, users start to become murderous and the inventor's family are driven apart.
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Dec 8, 2019 6:01PM EST

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It's got some flaws, but I did enjoy it. It makes you wonder about the future of tech and how we're going to use it to better ourselves as a species. Who will make those decisions?

The biggest flaw that was driving me crazy was the 2 leads separating and having trouble getting back together. Using the feed to communicate would give their locations away to those they don't want to have that information. That's always a stupid behavior in thrillers. They just kept doing it over and over again. Even after she tells him they're staying together from now on. They turn around and get separated again.

Would have liked the big reveal about where the "takers" were coming from a lot earlier. Guess they're keeping that part of the advancement of the story line for season 2. And I do hope they give us a season 2 with the cliff-hanger they left us with.


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