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THE FINDER Series Finale Recap: ‘The Boy with the Bucket’

Well, dang!  When I’m thinking of watching a TV show again, for me it’s always "Do I want/need to know more?" And while this season of THE FINDER has been up and down for me, when the final scenes were occurring — starting at the moment where Walter emotionally said goodbye to his father and [...] //

'The Finder' Recap: Underwhelming Series Finale Ends Underwhelming Series

This week on The Finder , Walter is looking for his own mother, who's part of the Witness Protection Program, while also finding a stolen painting at the same time. Just call Walter multi-talented. //

The Finder Review: Find Your Way

A recovered forgery, a father's dying wish and an Uncle's irreversible decision. It's official: after only thirteen episode we say goodbye to The Finder for good. The good news is " The Boy With the Bucket " certainly made it worth while. This was hands down my favorite episode of The Finder . It's a real shame that it was the last. After Fox released a list of its renewals , the world found out that this freshman show wasn't one of them. Then they delivered a hard-hitting and emotional episode. The kind they could have been delivering every week. Not only did we meet Walter's brother, but we learned about Walter's strained relationship with his father that stemmed from his brain injury. In the end, though, they found their way back to each other. It would have been nice if his father had just said he wanted to see him. The fallout from Walter's search for his mother landed him in federal jail and Isabel lost he badge. That could have been avoided had Walter's father just been honest. I can't believe we'll never get to find out what happens next! It was great to see Annette O'Toole back on the small screen. I know I haven't seen her anywhere that I can remember since the end of Smallville's decade run on the CW. The same goes for Willa and Timo's story. Uncle Shad made it official, even starting sending out the invitations. It was really important to me that we find out what was so important about Willa and Timo getting married. Apparently it's because Willa is a good liar. Made you feel bad for Timo in a way. Even so, Willa struck out on her own. Where to, we'll never know. Were you satisfied with The Finder 's conclusion? Are you as saddened as I am that it won't be coming back? //

'The Finder' series finale: George joins Geoff Stults for brotherly bonding

The South Los Angeles neighborhood of Baldwin Hills is known for many things, including midcentury-modern homes, a huge public park, a scenic overlook and working oil wells.In among the oil wells, which are scattered across a series of hills and ravines, connected by unpaved roads, is a patch of open ground upon which the crew of FOX's comedy-drama "The Finder" has constructed the outdoor set for the Ends of the Earth Bar (the interior is located on the 20th Century Fox lot in West Los Angeles).It's supposed to be somewhere in the Florida Keys, so along with a boat and various other props, there's a lot of potted vegetation tucked here and there. In addition, on this particular sunny day on set, there's a horse.There is also 100 percent more Stults fun than usual, and that starts with series star Geoff Stults dropping his pants in front of everyone in order to be wired for... //

'The Finder' Recap: Voodoos, Curses and Walter Gets Shot

This week on The Finder , when Walter's latest job proposal comes from an area mob boss, it pits Isabella and Leo on opposite sides on whether he should accept it. //

The Finder Review: Lesser Evils

Shots fired, mobsters cursed and " Voodoo Undo " made this episode of The Finder a fun hour. Whether you believe in voodoo or not, what was not hard to believe was its importance to the episode, especially when it came to the many ways in which it both saved and almost killed Walter. One minute a medallion from the Scorpion witch prevents a bullet from ripping through his chest, but the next minute she's making him bleed from the wound...That's some craycray stuff! So was the idea that a mobster could even be called a mobster with so many bad things happening to him. Mobsters usually have to be suave, sophisticated and altogether ruthless to get any real respect from me. This guy just seemed like blundering idiot. Read More... //

'The Finder' Recap: Walter the Horse Whisperer?

This week on The Finder , Isabella turns to Walter when one of her classmates loses her father --and her inheritance -- to what she believes is murder. //

The Finder Review: Rat Race

An inheritance, exotic animals, horse whispering, student loans. What was " The Inheritance "? That was the question The Finder sought to answer this week. Turns out Joy's inheritance was just as much a lesson in how much he dad loved her and came through as it was the $250 thousand and some dollars he won her on the number two horse in the sixth race. If I remember correctly, this isn't the first time Isabel has asked Walter to help one of her friends, but how funny was it that she was a mortician and working on her own father when Walter and Isabel came to meet her? Read More... //

THE FINDER Recap: ‘The Inheritance’

Hello! I can’t wait to hear what you thought about this episode of THE FINDER because I have to say it’s my favorite one of the season so far. It had a good case, some funny moments, including some classic Leo lines, and like we talked about last week, Walter showed some much-needed heart toward [...] //

The Finder “The Inheritance” Review

For a man who claims not to find murderers, Walter sure has been responsible for capturing a fair number of them. In this week’s episode of  The Finder , "The Inheritance ," a sweet friend of Isabel’s asks Walter to find her father’s killer, but Walter (being Walter) is only interested in finding the woman’sinheritance. I’m staring to wonder if some of these episodes are shown out of order  because Walter and Isabel’s relationship spikes and falls like crazy. One day  they’re sleeping together; the next she just disappears. I’ve always loved the fact that there’s none of the oh-so-cliched UST (unresolved sexual tension) between them, but I wouldn’t mind a little more consistency in their relationship. Meanwhile, I still love the dynamic between Walter and Leo and Willa, especially the latter two. He wants so much to be a father to someone, having lost his own daughter, but although I think Willa is wearing down, she’s still not quite ready to let him be that for her. But his influence is changing her. The former delinquent wants to go to college. (Yay for a shout-out to Florida State!!) But will the infamous Uncle Shad let her? Read More... //