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'The Finder' Recap: All About Family

This week on The Finder , a mother and a daughter appeal for Walter's help in finding their husband/father. It's not finding the man that's interesting -- for viewers and Walter alike -- but a missing part of the voicemail: The man had been talking to someone else while leaving the message to his wife, and the voicemail caught only a part of it. Walter wants to find the rest of the conversation. The case isn't interesting by any means, but the characters make it worthwhile, especially as Leo comes to grips with his past. //

The Finder Review: Moving Past

The Finder found himself in search of a missing portion of a voice mail this week. But the journey opened up more than just " The Conversation " about his past, it also opened up a conversation about Leo and the loss of his family. When a wife and daughter walked into the Ends of the Earth Bar this week, I didn't realize all the emotional baggage they would bring up for poor Leo, who was already grieving the loss of his daughter, whose sixteenth birthday was rapidly approaching. Even four years after their loss, Leo is understandably still struggling. I think the part that got me the most was when he visited their graves. Read More... //

The Finder “The Conversation” Review

Walter’s reputation is spreading; more and more people are finding their way to the Ends of the Earth in order to employ his finding skills. In this week’s episode of  The Finder , "The Conversation," he was asked to find a husband and father who had gone  missing  after leaving a cryptic voice mail that ended with the beginning of a mysterious conversation. Walter didn’t much care for finding the man; he wanted to find out what the man had been talking about. Like I said last week, the things Walter finds himself looking for  are getting a little esoteric, but I suppose it wouldn’t be interesting if, week after week, he was just looking for missing people. There has to be something different to hold his (and our) attention. Read More... //  

THE FINDER Recap: ‘The Last Meal’

Whattup, fans of THE FINDER! How did you like this episode, "The Last Meal"? I thought it was certainly…quirky. Last week I mentioned there was something about the show that kept me coming back, and this week, there were times when I questioned why that is. I found myself rolling my eyes a lot — [...] //

'The Finder' Recap: The Last Supper

This week on The Finder , a man wants Walt to literally find his last meal -- one that he had with his wife before it was shut down following the death of its chef. Because the restaurant closed, the man believes his marriage has gone downhill. It's somewhat of a convoluted, hard-to-follow, uninteresting story, but hey, Walter and Willa get arrested! //

The Finder Review: Deal or No Deal?

The Finder took an interesting and unexpected turn this week when Walter found himself being chased by the mob as he tracked down a missing chef. Lucky for Walter and friends, it wasn't " The Last Meal " for any of them. I think we learned two valuable things this week. One, that Walter has some skills in the kitchen, especially when those skills require him in the kitchen in a wife-beater. Two, that he really will laugh in the face of danger. Did he really give away to Velasquez that Isabel was looking to call for help?! This episode was pretty interesting from the very beginning. I can't believe Walter got arrested. But I have to say, if there's anyone who can pull off that orange jumpsuit, it's Walter. Read More... //

'The Finder' Recap: Wanted Dead Or Alive?

He's dead. He's not dead. He's dead. So went this intriguing episode of The Finder about an urban music star, J Strike. It had the added appeal of Leo's lost love's return as well as 50 Cent playing the ultra-cool music exec, Glade. //

THE FINDER Recap: ‘Life After Death’

Hello, fans of THE FINDER! I recapped the series premiere, and though I’ve kept up with the show this season, I haven’t written about it again until now. But I have to say, there’s just something about THE FINDER that has earned a soft spot in my heart, and once it was moved to Fridays, it [...] //

The Finder Review: Real Music Never Dies

The Finder hit a high note this week as Walter and company ventured their way into the music industry to find the source of illegally released, lost tracks of a late rapper. If there's one thing we learned this hour, it's that there's " Life After Death " in the music industry, as if we didn't already know that after the losses of Whitney Houston and many others in the past few years. Read More... //

The Finder “The Last Meal” Review

The Last Meal," this week’s episode of  The Finder , a man with a serious attachment to Cuban cuisine asks him to find the perfect  plate of ropa vieja made by one specific chef…who mysteriously vanished after his restaurant was taken over by a local mob  boss . Having grown up in Florida, I love Cuban food, too, but I’m not sure I would take on a ruthless crime boss just for one specific plate of it. Still, Walter doesn’t judge; he just finds. Even if it means that he getsarrested , or held hostage in his own bar and made to eat dinner with his wacky little family at gunpoint. That family felt a little fractured this week. Gypsy Girl got arrested after she tried to take down a hooker from whom her parole officer was mistaking her. Yes, fight mistaken identity with another notch on your crime belt. It just seemed like a weird step backwards for a character who had been making progress. Read More... //