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'The Finder' Recap: A Storm is Brewin'

This week on the winter finale of The Finder , a powerful hurricane is raging through South Florida, impeding Walter's search of a 14-year-old girl gone missing from the storm because he's stranded at the bar. Meanwhile, Willa's probation officer is also stranded with the rest of the gang. //

The Finder Review: Hurricane Walter

It's official: Even a hurricane can't stop The Finder . Stranded at The Ends of the Earth, Walter and company managed to find the whereabouts of a missing high school girl even as " Eye of the Storm " took it's toll on southern Florida. And it sure made for a rather interesting hour. I think my favorite part of this episode had to be the unconventional ways in which Walter and the team had to go about tracking down Melissa Welling. I think we all knew from the minute her face flashed on the screen as missing we knew Walter was going to be on the case. Read More... //

The Finder “Eye of the Storm” Review

The last good hurricane party I attended was during my freshman year of college . I can’t even remember the name of the storm, but watching "Eye of the Storm," this week’s episode of  The Finder , brought back so many fond memories as Hurricane Catherine (named, Walter assumes, for his ex-girlfriend) pounds Looking Glass Key and the Ends of the Earth. Any show set in Florida is contractually required to have at least one hurricane episode, but I have to say I haven’t ever enjoyed one as much as this. Even in  the middle  of a Category 4 storm (to give you some perspective, Katrina was only a Category 3), Walter’s "finder" bug latches onto the story of a  missing school girl who is believed to have been swept away by the high winds. Walter quickly determines that the police are looking in the wrong place, and through a fascinating combination of social media , a bicycle-powered ham radio, spaghetti diagrams  and having Isabel out in the middle of the storm to do his dirty work, he manages to do the impossible and locate the girl. As usual. Read More... //  

'The Finder' Recap: 'Bones' Crossover Event!

As much as The Finder is starting to rub off on us, this week's episode is all about Hodgins, who's off baby duty. And he has major screen time! He's seeking Walter's services to find the "alien spacecraft" (his words) that collided with a space shuttle, killing an astronaut and crash-landing on Earth. Has Hodgins been getting enough sleep? (In actuality, the Jeffersonian lab has been shut down for a week because the coroner is on vacation -- right, and the federal government can't find another one? But I digress.) The lives of the astronauts who did survive have been falling apart (including a mysterious death), leading Hodgins to an inevitable conspiracy theory. //

The Finder Review: Foiled?

The Finder went out of this world this week as Jack Hodgins stopped by to enlist Walter's help to uncover a conspiracy regarding space junk that he believed to be proof of alien life. Unfortunately for Walter and Hodgins, there were no "Little Green Men" to be found. This was another fun week for The Finder. It was great to have the infamouns conspiracy theorist himself, Jack Hodgins, join the cast this week. He certainly seemed to meet his match this week in Walter, who seems to hold just as skeptical views of the institution that is government than Hodgins. Read More... //

The Finder “Little Green Men” Review

As if we needed a reminder  that  The Finder  is a spin-off of  Bones , this week’s episode, "Little Green Men," featured a guest star from the parent show, Dr. Jack Hodgins, who flew Walter all the way up to DC just to ask that he track down an object which an astronaut, who had since been disgraced, recorded falling to earth. Jack was, of course, convinced it was a UFO. Walter didn’t care either way as long as he found what he was looking for in the end. That’s kind of what I love about Walter. He has no agenda beyond finding stuff. Of course, digging into government secrets landed Walter drugged in a detention facility where a mysterious, yet attractive operative threatened to destroy him and the members of his little family at Ends of the Earth. With their blessing, however, Walter pushed on until he discovered that the object was secret technology, but not of the alien variety. Read More... //  

The Finder “The Great Escape” Review

In this week’s episode of  The Finder , "The Great Escape ," Walter and his lovely assistants searched for a  missing  magician’s assistant who turned out to be the mastermind behind a three-person heist that turned deadly. I liked this case because, as Walter put it, whenever he expected the missing woman to zig, she zagged, and it was a lot of  fun to see him stuck ever so often, trying to figure out what to do  next. Illusion was the name of the game, and she put up a good  chase , culminating in a great arrest scene where Walter basically stuffed her into a suitcase. Hijinks like that happen on  Bones , but they often feel slightly out of place .  The Finder  was made for these sort of light moments. So much so, in fact, that I worry about the time (like next week) when things will inevitably turn darker. Will that be what feels out of place? Read More... //  

'The Finder' Recap: Disappearing Act

Assistant Escapes A magician's big act ends in a fiery disaster -- and his assistant goes missing. Where did she go? Did she really vanish? How the heck did she escape? Walter goes underneath the stage where he believes the assistant, Angelica, was able to escape -- and it leads to a room where there's a safe. He's sure that Angelica broke into the safe and stole all the money. Except ... all the money is there! //

The Finder Review: Beautiful Assistants

Even Harry Houdini couldn't have seen this one coming. Walter and Leo tracked down a beautiful assistant to a magician involved in a sophisticated counterfeit ring this week, and Willa dropped a bomb that left my jaw on the floor. And, in an unexpected turn of events, The Finder delivered another solid installment. Yeah, I'd call that " The Great Escape ." Read More... //

The Finder “Swing and a Miss” Review

This week’s episode of  The Finder , "Swing and a Miss," solved the mystery  of the exact nature of Walter and Isabel’s relationship. I gotta say, that’s been bugging me since day one, but now we know that they have a long-standing, highly-evolved  friends with benefits  arrangement  and I have to say…I loved that. Until they went and messed it up. Long story short, Isabel starts to date a major league pitcher and is so into him that she invokes a clause in her and Walter’s sex contract  that calls the whole thing off. Only seconds later (literally), the baseball player’s  house  is broken into and a bag is stolen containing what turns out to be his lucky game socks. Of course she brings Walter in to find the  missing  bag and of course he doesn’t really like the new guy, although to his credit, he does his best work for the case, personal feelings aside. At the end of the day, though, despite them finding the socks that will keep the player’s winning streak intact, he can’t handle the fact that Isabel had such a casual sexual arrangement and he dumps her. Read More... //