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We Can Guess Your Age Based on Your TV Taste

Your television faves can provide a lot of clues about your personality: whether you lean left or right, how serious or light-hearted you are, your gender, and of course, your age. We’ve fine-tuned our system and are confident that we can accurately* determine your age** after answering just a few fun questions about your taste in TV.     If you're having trouble viewing the quiz, click here . *Give or take a couple of decades. **If not your biological age, your spiritual age. Let us know what you got below! div.post p { text-align: justify; }

The Golden Girls Creators On Finding a New Generation of Fans and Giving George Clooney One of His Earliest Jobs

I dont think anyone realized it would become the complete smash hit that it was. ...Read More... //www.vulture.com/2017/03/the-golden-girls-creators-on-finding-new-fans.html?mid=full-rss-vulture

Why You Can Never Expect The Golden Girls to Get a Reboot

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The Golden Girls Proved Its Fearlessness Yet Again When It Tackled the AIDS Epidemic

The show reminded viewers of its progressiveness when Rose had an HIV scare. ...Read More... //www.vulture.com/2017/02/the-golden-girls-streaming-aids-hiv-fearless-book-excerpt.html?mid=full-rss-vulture

'The Golden Girls' Comes to Hulu: 5 Classic Episodes to Watch Now

What a time to be a Golden Girls fan. Despite premiering more than 30 years ago, the series remains relevant AF. Rue La Rue Café , the much-anticipated Golden Girls -themed restaurant in New York City's Washington Heights, is finally open. And Hulu is making all 180 episodes of the iconic series available beginning Feb. 13 — that's right, just in time for Galentine's Day . A staple in the syndicated space since it left the air in 1992 (let's not talk about The Golden Palace ), this is the first time the entire show is available to stream in one place. Why is The Golden Girls still so important? The progressive storylines are a big part of why the series endures. Throughout its seven seasons — during which it amassed 11 Emmys, including one each for Bea Arthur, Betty White, Rue McClanahan, and Estelle Getty — the show tackled every damn thing from gay marriage and the AIDS crisis to sexual harassment and age discrimination. All the while delivering jokes that still hold up. If you want to revisit — or, gasp , discover — the series, consider these episodes: On aging: S2E1, " End of the Curse " This episode begins with an unbelievable set-up and ends with one of Blanche's most honest scenes. Blanche is afraid she's pregnant (a test comes back positive!), but it turns out she's beginning menopause, throwing her into a total tailspin that leads her to get real with a therapist. McClanahan won an Emmy Award for this. On sexual orientation: S2E5, " Isn’t It Romantic? " Dorothy's old friend is in town and develops a bit of a crush on Blanche. Plot twist: the friend is a lesbian. There are actual "Lebanese" jokes! This is just one example of the show's willingness to embrace the LGBT community, which has returned the love, making the actresses gay icons. On race: S6E5, " Wham, Bam, Thank You, Mammy " An unexpected visit from Blanche's childhood nanny leads to some real talk about the South and about the Hollingsworth family. The woman, Viola, reveals that she had an affair with Blanche's father, the unfortunately but appropriately nicknamed Big Daddy. "In another time and place, we would have been married," Viola says. "He was the only man I ever loved." On disability: S6E11, " Stand by Your Man " Blanche hits it off with a man at the library and realizes only after making a date that he's in a wheelchair. He eventually becomes just a "jerk in a wheelchair," but along the way there's plenty of discussion about whether she'd be able to pursue a relationship with a man with a disability. On the beginning: S1E25, " The Way We Met " The ladies, all unable to sleep after watching Psycho , wind up in the kitchen, sharing cheesecake and reminiscing about how they came into each other's lives. It's a fun series of flashbacks that help us better understand the women's relationships. And let's not forget, The Golden Girls gave us one of TV's all-time great theme songs: Are you a Rose or a Sofia? Would you rather be trapped on a desert island with Blanche or Dorothy? Sound off on all things Golden Girls below! div.post p { text-align: justify; }

The Golden Girls on Hulu: 20 Classic Episodes to Pair With Your Cheesecake

Thank you, Hulu, for being a friend to all us lifelong Golden Girls fans. Next Monday, the streaming service will be adding all 180 episodes of the Emmy-winning 80s sitcom, so anytime we want, we can plop down with a slice of cheesecake and enjoy the menopausal misadventures of Miami roommates Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and [] //tvline.com/2017/02/09/the-golden-girls-best-episodes-streaming-hulu/

Hulu Chief Says Library Acquisitions, Like 'Golden Girls,' Still Key

Craig Erwich says the recent deal for the vintage NBC comedy is very much in line with the non-original efforts to expect from the streamer. ...Read More... //feedproxy.google.com/~r/thr/television/~3/BKd6p5rSn4k/hulu-chief-says-library-acquisitions-like-golden-girls-still-key-965005

Betty White Is Down for a Golden Girls Reboot as She Turns 95

Betty White cant believe she turned 95-years-old today. The rest of us probably cant believe a 95-year-old woman would still want to keep working. But she does. Nope. No, seriously, I cant. I keep thinking, Betty, youre 95 years old. Im so blessed with good health and faculties and Ive got memories and all that. You cant really expect that at 95. I am the luckiest old broad on two feet, the iconic actress told Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric during a wide-ranging interview. I just appreciate the fact that people have been so kind to me all these years, White said. The fact that Im still working thats the thing Im most grateful for, that I still get asked for jobs. ...Read More... //www.thewrap.com/betty-white-95-birthday-golden-girls-reboot/

The Golden Girls is Coming to Hulu - EW.com

Set your calendars for Galentine’s Day because The Golden Girls is coming to Hulu. For the first time, the complete library of episodes will be available to stream in one place when The Golden Girls becomes available on Hulu on Feb. 13, the streaming service announced at the Television Critics Association’s press tour on Saturday. Read the full article at EW.com .

'Golden Girls' Coming to Hulu Feb. 13

The streaming service has also landed exclusive rights to ABC's 'Black-ish.' ...Read More... //feedproxy.google.com/~r/thr/television/~3/gIu0FgbRMcI/golden-girls-coming-hulu-feb-13-961751