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Set in the Star Wars universe, the series will take place five years after the events of Return of the Jedi, and follows a lone Mandalorian gunfighter beyond the reaches of the New Republic as he makes his way through the lawless galaxy.
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Nov 15, 2019 9:23PM EST

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Like a lot of reviews I've seen so far online, the story of the Mandalorian is not exactly gripping. I feel I have to give it a high rating as it looks great, the Star Wars universe is great, the thing must have cost a fortune. But its all flash with very little substance. I am finding it hard to relate to the Mando, the fact that he never takes off the mask makes him more robotic-like than C-3PO. Although there is a lot of action, its boring action. The Jawas in episode two were a little too comical, and the egg thing at the end was stoopid. I find it interesting that Disney finds the killing of several Jawas completely acceptable for a show that will no doubt be watched by millions of kids. The Mando is more or less a paid assassin. I guess that is what the plus is for in Disney+. Fortunately I don't have to pay for it, as I don't think I would. Star Wars was a big deal in 1977, but its been kind of lame for at least 20 years. Now that Disney owns it, its just a matter of time before the Princess has big eyes like every other Disney barbie-female. I'm planning on watching it, as the graphics are great and its still at least as good as most current top rated shows. But I suspect I will downgrade the star rating the longer it goes on.

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