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The Mob Doctor Season 1 Review “Sibling Rivalry” – Brett’s Brother And A Horse Need Help

As I’m writing up this review of  The Mob Doctor  episode "Sibling Rivalry," it’s T-minus 2 hours until 2013. Writing about  The Mob Doctor  on such an occasion is interesting, since this show now feels like it’s in the past but still stubbornly clinging on to life in 2013. Let’s run through this rather succinctly, starting with the first plot of this episode: Assassination plot:  Constantine was given a box of champagne. It turns out to be rigged. Constantine goes through his list of cohorts to figure out who might have wanted him dead. Constantine figures out one of the people he used to work with back in the day, Jimmy Needles, sent him the gift. But who does Jimmy work for? After being tortured, Jimmy leads Constantine to whom I believe is the mobster Constantine had cut a deal with about supplying gaming machines. Constantine makes a surprise visit to the mobster’s house, shooting who I’m assuming is a bodyguard-type person. Anyway, Constantine corners his gaming machine  supplier to see if he was the one who wanted him dead. Turns out it was the dealer’s brother who wanted to get over on Constantine. After finding that out, Constantine quickly shoots him dead right in front of the dealer. However, the dealer doesn’t act like he just saw his own brother get killed; instead, he wants to stay in good with Constantine, agreeing to bury his own brother in the backyard. Read More... //

The Mob Doctor Season 1 Review “Confessions” – Let The Death Throes Begin

It’s been a long,  long  time since I’ve written anything about  The Mob Doctor . This episode, "Confessions," reiterates why I’m glad the death throes are in effect for this show. It’s past time. Let’s see if we can run through this very quickly: Constantine taking over downtown:  Constantine not only wants to take over downtown Chicago, he wants to kick Russell out of the city or overtake him, since he’s so adamant about staying in Chicago instead of going back to Detroit. Constantine gets Celeste and the other mobster to agree to a deal that is not very good for either of them; the deal would end up giving Constantine all of the power  and (potentially) the money. Read More... //

The Mob Doctor Season 1 Review “Fluid Dynamics”: The Countdown To The End Begins

"%$#@@!^&" (insert the curse word of your choice ). That’s what I feel like saying after watching this episode of the now-cancelled  The Mob Doctor , "Fluid Dynamics ." This was the worst episode out of all of the episodes so far. I don’t really know how to recap this episode because 1) none of it made any sense and 2) none of it flowed together. It was all a mish-mash of clichés and elongated scenes filled with "character moments" that we were supposed to care about. So, I’m just going to talk about the A,B,C and D plots as simply as I can. That’s all this episode really warrants. If I have any notes, I’ll write them, but I’m just angry with  this episode, so angry I can’t even type everything I  really  want to say–as the "young people" say, I could seriously go in on this episode. Read More... //

The Mob Doctor Season 1 Review “Game Changers”: Jennifer Beals Comes On The Scene

I’m a little at a loss as to how to actually recap this week’s episode. Sure, the show has always been disjointed, but this episode, "Game Changers," felt more disjointed than ever. I think I’ll revert to how I used to recap  Chicago Fire  and just lump the medical stuff together and the mob stuff together. It seems like it’ll be easier that way. Firstly, Grace has to work on a patient named Kate. We find out that she’s a girl from Grace’s past. Grace and Nate knew the girl since she was four years old or something like that. But now, Kate, who used to be a straight-A student, is now strung out on heroine. Her boyfriend is her dealer and is aiming to keep her in the world of drugs. Grace is  called to Kate’s mother’s house to care for  Kate, who is undergoing intense withdrawal symptoms. Beforehand, Kate told her mother to put handcuffs on her so she wouldn’t run away when she tried to go cold turkey, but now the handcuffs are beginning to dig into her wrists. After Grace gets her sedated, she takes her to the hospital  until she can get to a rehab center. Read More... //

The Mob Doctor Season 1 Review “Turf War”: The Battle Between Constantine And Moretti

I literally can’t believe this episode of  The Mob Doctor , "Turf War." There are so many elements going on that it got comical after a point. Ugh. Let’s see if I can organize my thoughts. Grace is still at home, recovering from her gunshot wound and staying low while Moretti and his men hound the streets. Earlier that day, Nate apologizes to Grace for putting her in this predicament. Sure, on the surface he’s the first person to blame (since she did do something before the series actually started to help him get out of mob trouble, if I’m remembering correctly), but Grace is right to say it’s not his fault this time. It’s Grace’s. If Grace had wisely gotten out of town until the mob wars died down when Constantine told her to, none of this would have happened. And even still, Grace could have convinced Constantine that she wouldn’t say anything to the police about anything. In fact, that’s what Constantine should  have done in the first place, if he loves and trusts Grace so much. Why keep her indebted to the mob when she was only helping her brother out? It makes no logical sense. Read More... //

The Mob Doctor Season 1 “Complications” Review – Grace, Moretti, Franco and an Abandoned Factory

There are stakes coming into play on  this episode of  The Mob Doctor , aptly called "Complications." Things do, indeed, get complicated, when Grace is kidnapped by Moretti and…Franco! Keep in mind that while there were really great tension-filled moments, that, by no means, makes this a great episode. In fact, this episode showed just what could make the series better–more Moretti, less romance, and more gunslinging (this is a mob show, after all). I will say the Case of  the Week was very House-esque in how crazy and mysterious it was, and I would say the show could use more of those kinds of cases, but that statement would only make sense if this show was strictly about medicine. Let me quit yammering and actually get into the summary. Read More... //

The Mob Doctor Season 1 Review “Legacy” – Muscle Cramps and a Not-Agreed-To Heart Transplant

One thing I will say is that this all-new episode of  The Mob Doctor , "Legacy," provided the much-needed mental break from the looming election (which, at the time I’m writing this, is tomorrow. When you’ll read this, it’ll be Election Day). I’m nervous and I hope I get the desired outcome. But no time for politics right now, right? We’ve got some mob doctor visits to make! This episode starts with Grace (who is actually a thoracic surgeon) caring for a young woman who needs a heart transplant stat. When they try to get the surgery over with, they see that the patient has a fever for some unknown reason. Surgery is cancelled, much to Grace’s chagrin. The cancellation means the heart they were going to use has now gone to waste. Grace doesn’t have much time to think about the unusable heart because she gets a call from Constantine (whom she stupidly has listed as "Constantine" on her iPhone!)–she’s needed for a mobster call. Read More... //

FOX: Fall Reviews

By: Tim Holland BEN AND KATE , played winsomely by Nat Faxon and Dakota Johnson, are odd-couple siblings who share a house in this sweet-natured sitcom that generates big laughs due to its sharply-honed script and terrific cast that also includes Maggie Jones from We Bought a Zoo as Kate’s adorable daughter. But what else would you expect from the executive producers behind New Girl ? My advice: get acquainted with this charming brother-sister duo when they premiere September 25 at 8:30pm. THE MINDY PROJECT stars Mindy Kaling of The Office as an OB/GYN who is more interested in finding Mr. Right than she is in taking care of her patients in this comedic misfire that wastes the talents of everyone involved. Perhaps the title says it all: The Mindy Project comes off more as an in-the-works project than a fully-developed idea, let alone comedy. Mindy, the character, is so unlikable it’s difficult to care about her romantic misadventures. To be fair, the series is adding a few new characters that weren’t in the original pilot but, unfortunately, Mindy is still there. My advice: Don’t get involved with this pitiful Project when it premieres September 25 at 9:30pm. Jordana Spiro stars in THE MOB DOCTOR as a promising young surgeon at a Chicago hospital who is forced to be a part-time off-the-books doctor for the city’s Southside mob in order to erase her brother’s huge gambling debt. Spiro is terrific in the title role, and the pilot is intense, unpredictable and populated with well-rounded characters. My advice: Make an appointment with The Mob Doctor when it premieres on September 17 at 9pm.

The Mob Doctor Season 1 Review “Change of Heart” – No Cliffhangers, Just More Randomness

The original subtitle to this review was going to be "I’m Glad the Mid-Season Break Is Here," since the show won’t be back until early November. Even still, you would think the show would end with some type of mid-season cliffhanger, but there’s not really much of anything that leaves you hanging on the edge . Moretti–played by one of my favorite people, Michael Rappaport–is back, and he’s out for blood. He’s looking to get even with one of the mobsters  that ratted him out long ago. So he gets Franco to tail this girl named Peggy. Turns out Peggy is the daughter of said mobster and one of the most cold-blooded moments of the show’s short life thus far, Moretti tells the mobster via webcam to kill himself with the gun he lovingly packaged for him, or he’ll kill Peggy in front  of him. Yes, the mobster killed himself in front of his daughter, allowing Moretti to make two points at one time–1) He’ll do worse to you what  you do to him if you happen to cross him and 2) He will make you fear him so you won’t do anything to cross him. Of course, I don’t condone violence, but since we’re talking about mobsters, his actions are exactly what I expected from a show about mobsters, and since he seems to be the only bad guy willing to truly be a bad guy, he’s my favorite character. Read More... //

The Mob Doctor Season 1 Review “Protect and Serve” – More Arbitrary Stuff Happens

The short version  of this review of the latest episode of  The Mob Doctor  is "UGH!" The long version is this: Grace and  the doctors  are charged with helping a family survive a terrible car accident . The wife needs brain surgery ASAP. The father needs his hip popped back into place and some relatively minimal care. The young son (and avid soccer player) needs help with his leg, and the little girl is fine. Or so we think. The girl seemed like she had minimal injuries, even with the threat of hurt lungs, but suddenly, the young girl’s heart stops. Grace is devastated by the death, "perfect student" doctor Olivia wants to cut the girl open for "practice" (an action that makes her seem too much like a cookie-cutter villain) and the head doctor, Dr. Stafford White (Zeljko Ivanek), tells Grace to take a break. Cue the call from Constantine for her assistance. Read More... //