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The Mob Doctor “Family Secrets” Review

Sometimes, shows get better once you get past the pilot, and I actually hoped that would happen for  The Mob Doctor.  But that didn’t happen. It stayed mostly the same. Some could say it got a little worse. I think if the writing wasn’t clear enough on the wall concerning the life of the show, this episode should have made it completely plain. Basically, all the stuff  we’re supposed to care about doesn’t really have much behind it for us to care about. All of the scenes in each act just sit, begging you to take them seriously. Anyway, on with the review. Read More... //  

The Mob Doctor Series Premiere Review: Already Flatlining

On Fox’s The Mob Doctor , Jordana Spiro plays Grace Devlin, a brilliant young doctor forced to work off her dumbass brother’s mafia debt due in exchange for the mob not killing her brother. The gig hasn't been anything Grace can't tolerate, with the occasional lunch break dedicated to removing an ice pick from some bumbling underling’s skull. That is,...   //

The Mob Doctor “Pilot” Review

In my head, I’ve found that I mentally prepare for writing reviews by asking myself, "Where to begin?" Sometimes, that mental voice is excited. Other times, it’s exasperated. I think this is one of those times when the voice is more on the exasperated side. The Mob Doctor  stars Jordana Spiro as Dr. Grace Devlin, a thoracic surgeon who seems like she thinks she runs the hospital as well as its code of ethics. You’ll understand why I wrote this about her as you keep reading, but let me set up the overall story for you. Grace not only acts as a surgeon for regular patients, but she also has taken on her brother Nate’s (Jesse Lee Soffer) debt to a mobster by doing the mobster’s dirty work in the operating room. The draw of the show is supposed to be how she deals with both regular life and her life as a mob associate. Read More... //  

The Mob Doctor (FOX) Series Premiere Review

FOX debuts its latest drama,  The Mob Doctor , tonight at 8 pm ET and I have to admit, it is way more involved and enthralling than I expected. The Mob Doctor  stars Jordana Spiro as resident surgeon, Grace Devlin, who works in a Chicago hospital. There she is top of her class and trusted with almost any surgery by her chief, Dr. Stafford White (Zeljko Ivanek). She has a small close knit community of friends  and one very sharp and loyal nurse, who keep her sane and watch over her. None of them, though, know that she is paying off a debt to a Southside mob. The payment includes caring for members of the mob injured in the line of duty. She goes to their homes, back rooms of animal hospitals, and anywhere she won’t be seen in order to get the job  done. Read More... //  

'The Mob Doctor' review: Star Jordana Spiro makes this surprisingly compelling new drama

There are two main differences between Jordana Spiro's Grace Devlin, the titular character on FOX's new drama "The Mob Doctor," and your typical medical procedural. One, the unconventional surgeon at the center of the action is a woman. Two, said doc doesn't have poor bedside manner -- she's no "House" (quite the opposite, actually) -- she just has an issue with authority. As we see in the premiere, airing Monday, Sept. 17 at 9 p.m. on FOX, this proves problematic not only because hospitals are very hierarchical organizations, but, uh, so is the mob. Not listening to your boss is way more dangerous when he'll kill (or seriously maim) you and your family as punishment.RELATED: Fall 2012's new TV shows Grace has already established her family loyalty by taking the job in the first place (to pay some vague debt for her brother), and the first episode gives equal time to both the mob and... //

'The Mob Doctor': Organized crime makes a house call on new FOX drama

Dr. Grace Devlin cannot escape the reach of the Mafia. Her dad, her brother and now she all have ties that aren't easily broken in the FOX drama "The Mob Doctor," premiering Monday, Sept. 17.Devlin (Jordana Spiro, "My Boys") is a third-year surgical resident who saw her first corpse as a girl. It was her father. He had vague mob ties; her brother's are stronger, and in the pilot, hers become deep.She's a rogue surgeon, infuriating her colleagues, doing what she thinks is best for patients -- even if that's not precisely within medical ethics or the law."For me, her back story is her father was a wannabe gangster," Spiro tells Zap2it."I think there is a power inside her. I think she is probably quite primal with her sexuality. She is probably a quite corporal person; she deals with blood and bones."I think with her father having his primary relationship to alcohol, her neighborhood and... //

'The Mob Doctor' Review: An Edgy Drama With No Edge

In the history of television, few shows have a duller, more uninspired title than FOX's new drama The Mob Doctor . The title tells you everything you need to know about both the plot (it's about a doctor who works for the mob) and the show itself (lacking any nuance or edge).  If the writers couldn't come up with a more compelling title, it's probably a safe bet that the show itself isn't going to be that great either. //

Jordana Spiro Returns to TV with FOX's 'The Mob Doctor'

Although My Boys is sadly no more, actress Jordana Spiro is back on our small screens in another series that's set in Chicago. On FOX's The Mob Doctor, she plays Dr. Grace Devlin, a successful sur... //

Television Review: ‘The Mob Doctor,’ a Drama on Fox

"The Mob Doctor" is Fox’s new fast-moving, medical series set in Chicago starring Jordana Spiro in the title role. //

The Mob Doctor: TV Review

See, she's a doctor, but she also work for the mob. Sigh. //