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The Pacific: Series Review

When The Pacific was first announced, many critics and fans wondered if the series could separate itself from the many World War II stories that came before it. Band of Brothers is considered by many to be the best TV mini-series ever made, and a tough act to follow, even for the dynamic duo of Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg. Although The Pacific didn't quite measure up to its predecessor, it does add a new perspective to the mix. To Read More Click Here .

'The Pacific' - 'Home' (Mini-Series Finale) Episode 10

The war is over. What's left to say? A lot, actually. Just as Eugene Sledge was overwhelmed when he first got into the middle of the Pacific campaign, so was he completely out of sorts when he found himself back in Alabama. How do you take a boy and turn him into a man in the middle of bloodshed and carnage, and expect him to know what to do when he's back among civilized living? Survivor's guilt, post-traumatic stress and learning how to be a civilian again were the facet of war explored this time around. We also got some familiar faces and names to go with all those veterans who've been sharing their stories in the opening moments of each chapter. One of them was Sledge's best friend, Sidney Phillips. Somehow, it brought home a little bit more just how real these experiences were to tie those men into the characters we'd been watching for the past ten weeks. I was a little disappointed that we didn't get to follow up with "Snafu," but even that was explained. To Read More Click Here . [If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now]

The Pacific: "Part Ten" Review Episode 10

After a long, arduous journey, The Pacific comes to an end with an episode that takes a big step back from the combat and focuses on life after the war. In many ways, this sudden return to normalcy is just as shocking for the viewer as it is for the marines we've followed through all this chaos and death. After the horrors of Part Nine, it felt odd to abandon combat completely and return to a slow-paced drama. The tone of this finale is set right from the beginning when the story jumps back stateside to visit the wounded troops. The big announcement comes across - the Japanese have surrendered. The war is over. The news arrives suddenly, and there is no portrayal of the momentous detonations of the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki as you might expect from a WWII story set in the Pacific. Our story was always told from the perspective of the marines we've followed, and since they weren't there, there's little commentary on the nuclear solution that brought an end to the war. While this makes perfect sense, I admit I did find it a little disappointing. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

'The Pacific' Episode 9 - 'Okinawa' Recap

Another week, another entirely new examination of war. This time we got a double-shot as we examined the notion of the innocents caught in the middle of a battle they didn't necessarily ask for, as well as the hard toll that prolonged warfare can have on the soldier's soul. We've watched Eugene Sledge go from a frustrated young man, eager to serve his country and rid the world of evil, to the man he was in this ninth hour. A man on the edge of a certain darkness. He could either fall over the edge and be perhaps forever lost, or claw his way back. Those of us who've never been a part of war have no real appreciation or comprehension of just what it is to survive something like this. This week, 'The Pacific' gave us a pretty clear idea of where post-traumatic stress comes from in veterans. From the beginning we have the desensitization of the marines to the death and carnage around them. The early sequences looked like a traditional war movie, with the marines making maneuvers across the terrain, establishing and fortifying their positions. But they were doing so in a sea of dead bodies, and it was as if the bodies weren't there. There was a time when Eugene Sledge was horrified at the carnage, but more than anything we saw his descent into cold acceptance. When you're starting to make "Snafu" look like a beaming ray of sunshine, you've sunk pretty low. Sledge's crossroad came in the house. He was still numb to humanity when he and Snafu simply stared at the crying baby, lying next to its dead mother. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

The Pacific Episode 9: "Part Nine" Review

We're in the tail end of The Pacific, and the series saves its most harrowing combat and darkest themes for Part Nine, which covers the last battles in Japan. This is without a doubt the best episode of the miniseries, showing every aspect of the combat, the toll on civilian life, and the maturation process of our cast. It begins with the Marines finally arriving in Okinawa, marching in the mud amongst civilians - and a rare sight: Japanese prisoners. There's an inevitable conflict with the incoming Marines and the prisoners. These were men the Marines had spent months fighting, and had been trained to dehumanize. Even the once mild mannered Sledge goes off on them, showing just how much he's changed. The temperament of the story heats up more when the real fighting starts. In the darkness, rain and mud on Okinawa, we see the best nighttime combat work of the series so far. The series has proven to be very good at reproducing a variety of different terrain, and the Okinawan fields and hills are no exception. The production team did an excellent job in making it feel like a real battleground. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

'The Pacific Episode 8 ' - 'Iwo Jima' Recap

If it seems like forever since 'The Pacific' spent any time with John Basilone, that's because it has been. As Basilone himself said, it's been more than a year since he saw action. Since he couldn't just go back into the heart of the war, he asked for the next best thing: the opportunity to train the next batch of marines who'd be heading out to back up his friends still on the line. Other than a brief interlude with Sledge, who's back at base camp with a Snafu slipping toward hypochondria, we spent the entire hour with Sgt. Basilone. In doing so, the writers and producers managed to find yet another facet of the war to show us. The emotional struggles of a soldier away from the war, and the conflicting ties that pull him in both directions at once. Basilone, a marine through and through, wants nothing more than to serve his country, protect freedom and probably end this war single-handedly if the opportunity to do so presented itself. So it's no real surprise that he re-enlisted after his term of service was up, as the job wasn't yet done. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

The Pacific Episode 8 Recap: Part 8

In this eighth installment of The Pacific, Sgt. John Basilone tires of being a pencil-pushing war hero and returns to Camp Pendleton to train a new batch of Marines. While there, he falls in love with Sgt. Lena Riggi, who initially resists his charms. Although much of the episode is devoted to the couple's courtship, eventual marriage, and Basilone's decision to re-enlist, the hour culminates in yet another masterfully shot battle sequence as Basilone leads his trainees into combat on Iwo Jima. "You think you are fighting a bucktooth cartoon dreamed up by some a--hole on Madison Avenue to sell soap? The Japs I know - the Japanese soldiers - have been fighting since you were in diapers." - Basilone Just as Basilone told his commanding officer before being shipped back home to go on a war bond-touting tour, he didn't feel much like a hero, despite his actions on Guadalcanal. As the action returns to Basilone's life, it appears that neither the radio appearances nor free drinks nor nights between the sheets with Hollywood starlets have really changed Basilone's mind. So, even though his enlistment is up in six months, he begs to return to training young soldiers. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

The Pacific Episode 8: "Part Eight" Review

The Pacific once again takes a brief step away from the battlefields, and this time the goal is to devote much-deserved time to the Basilone story, which has been told only in snippets up to this point. The series takes a dramatic shift to love story mode in order to tell the final chapter of Basilone's tale, and although it does end violently, the bulk of the episode is a grand romantic memoir. After a year of being the poster boy for the war effort back home, Basilone returns to where he feels he could the most good, the Marine Corps. Instead of relaxing and enjoying some time home, he goes back to train the new recruits...and finds that there really aren't any. He finds the corps administration more lax and apathetic than he left it, and he ends up with a grand total of 2 trainees at first. It is here that we start to see more of what really made Basilone worthy of the hero status placed upon him. Instead of being put off by the situation, he just forges ahead and makes the best of it, putting all his efforts into his two new wards. Later, he's got a full company, and proves once again to be the best kind of leader the Marines can offer. I like that the producers decided to put these scenes in here. It shows that the earlier events that earned Basilone his honors were not just a fluke, he was really a model soldier to the core. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

'The Pacific' - 'Peleliu Hills' Episode 7 Recap

This week, I finally saw the value of the opening narrative with Tom Hanks interspersed with interviews with the World War II veterans. They're presented to offer background information for the events to come. Most of us have never seen anything like the war in the Pacific, so we wouldn't know about things like the intricate tunnels the Japanese used on Peleliu. By having Hanks and the vets fill us in before the drama begins, they don't have to worry about unnecessary exposition within the episode to make sure we understand what's going on. That way, the writers can keep the dialogue as realistic as possible. After all, the men hardly knew what was going on when they first got there so I doubt they'd stop and explain in detail about how many tunnels the Japanese were holed up in within the mountains. There was a nice parallel with the beginning and ending scenes of the marines coming back into base camp. When Sledge and company were heading out, we got to see the First Marines coming in, battered and severely injured. It was a startling contrast to the fresh marines heading into the mountains, and yet when Sledge returned, his group looked virtually identical. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

The Pacific Episode 7: "Part Seven" Review

Part Seven begins with more death and destruction on Peleliu, setting the tone for another grim, dark story that chronicles the worst of the worst aspects of war. But this time the series manages to mix story and thematic elements into the carnage. One of the sadder moments in the story is when Sledge accidentally shoots one of his own men, reminding us of the perils of friendly fire. Then we're quickly shifted to scenes of the marines rooting out a deeply entrenched Japanese squad where the fighting gets really up close and personal. The battle for Peleliu is almost over, but it has certainly taken its toll on the marines. When Sgt. "Gunny" Haney, the hardest veteran soldier in the group, mentally cracks in battle, it signals a low point in the morale. But then the scene is almost immediately juxtaposed with an odd bit of humor as a marine is attacked by two Japanese soldiers while trying to relieve himself. As the soldier scampers away with his ass bare and his pants around his knees, his comrades are killing the Japanese who are determined to kill him. It is undeniably funny, in the oddest kind of way. It's the darkest kind of dark comedy in the midst of all this killing, but it shows a different perspective on the mayhem. Insanity can be downright hilarious, and war is definitely insane. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now