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The Philanthropist Has Been Officially Cancelled But A Group Of Fans Are Trying To Save It

As of October 21st, NBC decided to officially cancel their critically acclaimed summer series The Philanthropist. However, a number of fans and supporters of the show are trying to do something encourage the network to rethink that decision. They have turned to the popular social networking site, Facebook, and started a charitable cause titled "Save The Philanthropist through Charity" using an application called Causes. According to cause creators, Deborah Brancheau and Tamara Rudorfer, the purpose behind this cause is two-fold. First and foremost is to save this show from cancellation. "This show is a great example of how two different ideologies (for lack of a better word) – capitalism and philanthropy – can coexist and work together effectively," explains Ms. Brancheau. "In fact, the show not only demonstrates philanthropy and giving of oneself but it also shares ideas about how to solve tough social and economic problems by encouraging job stability in war torn and poverty stricken areas." The second purpose of this cause is to demonstrate the impact that a show like this can have on its audience. Therefore, they have decided to collect donations on behalf of Human Rights Watch, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the human rights of people around the world. The show itself depicts human rights abuses worldwide, so it seems fitting to have the donations go to such a worthy cause. The cause is in its infancy right now and is looking for supporters and members who are willing to help. They are asking supporters of the show and of human rights in general to: 1. Become members of "Save The Philanthropist Through Charity" by visiting: a. As you go through the process, you will be asked to supply your email address. While this is not necessary, it is highly recommended so that they can keep you up-to-date on the status of the cause and the show. 2. Donate at least $10 to the cause. The money will go directly to Human Rights Watch. If you have any questions about how donations are handled check out . 3. Urge NBC's President of Primetime Entertainment to reverse the decision to cancel The Philanthropist by Following the directions for this action: You can also find this information at: They are also looking for people that are willing to help them spread the word about the cause. While the ultimate goal is to get the show back on the air, they are just as focused on generating money for their beneficiary, Human Rights Watch, in the spirit of the show.

The Philanthropist Latest Episode, Episode 8: ''Haiti''

Teddy has come to the impoverished Caribbean nation of Haiti with his partner, Philip to try and solve an almost-hopeless food shortage. Philip, who was born in Haiti but left as a teenager, is locking horns with a powerful island senator named Jean Beauvais who also happens to be Philip's estranged brother. Philip wants to help Haiti; but Jean wants Haiti to help itself. Common ground between the brothers is marred by years of resentment and mistrust. Watch & Discuss: Watch The Philanthropist, Episode 8: 'Haiti'

TV Hot List: Wednesday, Aug. 12, 2009 - Featured

* Top Chef Masters (10/9c Bravo ) The culinary contest turns on the heat as we start dipping into the last course. (The season finale airs next week.) All eyes are on the remaining four food fighters - Rick Bayless, Michael Chiarello, Hubert Keller and Anita Lo - when they whip up meals while blindfolded. Afterward, the chefs must cater a large event, but the challenge comes with a catch: They are forbidden to handle the food, and must instead tap into their teaching and leadership skills. Assisting them are erstwhile Top Chef contestants, including the fiery Dale Talde, who evidently gets into a dishin'-and-dissin' duel with Chiarello. - Dean Maurer * The Philanthropist (10/9c NBC) As Teddy Rist's first season of do-gooding comes to an end, the focus shifts to his best friend and business partner Philip (Jesse L. Martin) and we see the intense impact that helping others has when the situation hits close to home. The friends travel to Haiti, Philip's birthplace, to help with a food shortage, but find that their biggest obstacle is Philip's brother, island senator Jean Beauvais, who has a different take on helping one's own. There's nothing like sibling rivalry to put a hiccup into plans to do good...even to feed the hungry. - Rhoda Charles * Criss Angel Mindfreak (10/9c NBC) There's "buried alive"...and then there's buried alive! Criss Angel always takes it to the extreme, so guess which route he chooses. He goes that extra mile on his fifth-season opener in which he's, you guessed it, buried alive. But he's also shackled before he's placed in the coffin, and he's surrounded by ice and snow just to make things more interesting. Add to this the fact that his coffin is transparent, and it should be a revealing episode in many thrilling and chilling ways. - Bill Ecklund Source Here

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Last night was packed with great new episodes of summer reality favs plus plenty of drama as well! Catch what you missed or re-watch what you loved. Primetime TV: The Philanthropist - Watch 'San Diego' Leverage - Watch 'The Order 23 Job' Dark Blue - Watch 'Purity' So You Think You Can Dance - Watch 'Top 6 Perform' Top Chef Masters - Watch 'Champions Round Begins' Michael and Michael Have Issues - Watch 'Matchmakers' Real World: Cancun - Watch 'Flirting with Disaster' I Survived a Japanese Game Show - Watch 'Episode 7' The Othersiders - Watch 'Fred C. Nelles Youth Correctional Facility' America's Got Talent - Watch 'Episode 412' Survive This - Watch 'Deep Woods, Pt. II' Ghost Hunters International - Watch 'Witches Castle' News & Late Night TV: The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien - Watch 'Rainn Wilson, Rachel Maddow, Chicago'

Ratings: Obama Dips from Previous Press Conference - Featured

* Wednesday's ratings recap: 8/7 CT President Obama's press conference drew 16.5 million total viewers across ABC, CBS and NBC - a 13 percent decrease from his previous such prime-time appearance (which aired April 29). Fox's So You Think You Can Dance , meanwhile, averaged 7.32 mil over its two-hour run, up 370K week-to-week. TVGuide.com poll: Viewers prefer regular shows to Obama 9/8 CT America's Got Talent topped the night with an audience of 11.5 million viewers, dipping 330K week-to-week. ABC's Wipeout (6.18 mil), airing an hour later than usual, plunged 22 percent. 10/9 CT NBC's The Philanthropist (4.74 mil) enjoyed a 400K gain, while ABC's I Survived a Japanese Game Show held steady at 3.84 m il. Source Here

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Last night had a bunch of new episodes of summer reality favs and plenty more, so catch what you missed or re-watch what you loved! Primetime TV: Leverage - Watch 'The Tap-out Job' Dark Blue - Watch 'Guns, Strippers and Wives' The Philanthropist - Watch 'Kosovo' The Othersiders - Watch 'Marine Warehouse' Ghost Hunters International - Watch 'Gates to Hell' So You Think You Can Dance - Watch 'Top 8 Perform' Top Chef Masters - Watch 'Trick in a Box' Real World: Cancun - Watch 'Payback, Piglets and Projects' Wipeout - Watch 'Episode 10' Monster Quest - Watch 'The Real Cujo' I Survived a Japanese Game Show - Watch 'Episode 6' America's Got Talent - Watch 'Episode 10' Survive This - Watch 'Deep Woods, Part 1' News & Late Night TV: The Daily Show - Watch 'Kevin Nealon' The Colbert Report - Watch 'Matthew Waxman, Chris Anderson'

Ratings for Dark Blue, Leverage, Big Brother and More

Some recent ratings highlights: * Wednesday - America's Got Talent topped the night with 11.38 million total viewers, up 9 percent over last week. Lead-out The Philanthropist dropped another 15 percent, to 4.34 mil. - The premiere of TNT 's Dark Blue copped 3.5 million viewers, retaining an impressive 90 percent of its Leverage lead-in. Leverage's Season 2 premiere garnered 3.8 mil, a 24 percent gain over its series debut. * Thursday - Big Brother 11 won the 8 o'clock hour with 5.57 million viewers, down 17 percent from last week. ABC News' special on Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling placed third (behind a Bones repeat) with 4.38 mil. - So You Think You Can Dance 's results show drew 7 mil, down 750K from last week. NBC's The Listener (3.86 mil), in its second-to-last broadcast airing, gained 620 thou. Source Here

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Last night had some sizzlin' summer premieres and new episodes of reality favs, so catch what you missed or re-watch what you loved! Primetime TV: Leverage - Watch 'The Beantown Bailout Job' Dark Blue - Watch 'Pilot' Michael and Michael Have Issues - Watch 'Greg the Intern' The Philanthropist - Watch 'Nigeria Part II' Top Chef Masters - Watch 'Miniaturize Me' So You Think You Can Dance - Watch 'Top 10 Perform' Wipeout - Watch 'Episode 9' I Survived a Japanese Game Show - Watch 'Episode 5' The Othersiders - Watch 'Fort MacArthur' America's Got Talent - Watch 'Episode 408' Real World: Cancun - Watch 'Cancun Casanovas' Ghost Hunters International - Watch 'Skeleton in the Closet' News & Late Night TV: The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien - Watch 'Dana Carvey, Anthony Anderson, Allison Iraheta' Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - Watch 'Kevin Connolly, Alexa Chung, Aimee Mann'

Tonight's TV Hot List: Wednesday, July 15, 2009 - Featured

* Dark Blue (10 pm/ET TNT ) It's the pros against the cons in this visceral crime drama that tracks the shadowy derring-do of an undercover task force. In the premiere, brooding team leader Carter Shaw (Dylan McDermott) tries to take down a suave gang leader responsible for torturing an FBI agent and leaving him for dead. But the case turns messy when one of Carter's own embedded men (Logan Marshall-Green) seemingly flips loyalties. Executive produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, the show features intriguing characters, bullet-blazing violence and a gritty edge, making it a fine counterpart to the lighter caper series Leverage, which precedes it on Wednesdays. * Michael and Michael Have Issues (10:30 pm/ET Comedy Central) Comedic collaborators since Stella, The State and their days at NYU, Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter team up again for this seven-episode series that draws on years of a finely tuned partnership. Essentially a show-within-a-show, MMHI focuses on the sophomoric rivalry and petty jealousies between Black and Showalter while working as a TV sketch-comedy duo. In tonight's premiere, their goofy game of one-upmanship comes to a head while vying for the attention of the show's intern. * Top Chef Masters (10 pm/ET Bravo ) Tonight's chief chefs will flip out, especially when they discover real-world real-estate stars Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos, both of Bravo's Flipping Out, are guest stars. The competing gastronomes are Michael Chiarello, Rick Moonen, Nils Noren and Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson, and they're in a junk funk when they must reinvent junk-food classics. Later, less is more when they loom large over mini-meals. * The Philanthropist (10 pm/ET NBC) Bad things happen to good people all the time, as Teddy Rist's newly opened eyes now show him. Even so, he is blindsided by the collateral damage that results from his good works when his friend, Dr. Chima Balo, is kidnapped by a rebel leader in retaliation for opening a commerce-generating oil refinery in a Nigerian village. Apparently, this guy doesn't know the lengths Teddy will go to for his friends, but for those of us who do, Teddy's vow to get Chima back is proof positive that a philanthropist's work is never done. * Criminal Minds (9 pm/ET CBS) Here's a chance for Alex O'Loughlin fans to see the former Moonlight star before his new CBS series, Three Rivers, starts in the fall. In this repeat from April, O'Loughlin plays a serial killer who sends a video documenting one of his crimes to the BAU team, but it's not to taunt them - or even part of his twisted MO. The agents learn that the man is sending them a message to help him stop his murderous spree. Source Here

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