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Etiquette Lessons from 'The Real Housewives of DC'

Some people say that reality television melts your brain, that it can't be an educational experience. I disagree! This week I learned DC social etiquette, as well as a few things DC and The Real Housewives of DC are and are not. Without further ado, here are ten lessons I learned from just one episode. 1. Cat is "so not" Sex and the City and shopping bags. She is a leopard trench and Louis Vuitton bags coming up an escalator. Figure it out, book people! 2. Wine has legs. And other things I didn't know about. I will rely on Tareq for all my wine information from now on because he has worked very hard to make sure everyone knows he's the wine guy. 3. If you invite Michaele and Tareq to Paris on a whim, expect them to go, but if they host a party they are not legally obligated to pay for any of it. These are the rules, as confusing as they are. 4. DC is not "splashy." Tareq is not fitting in with his attention-hogging champagne-lancing ways. To Read More Click Here .