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Veep, American Crime & The Slap Editors Cut In Tension, Laughs & Multiple Perspectives

Being an editor is a little like being a mortician. You're often the last one to see the finished product and, if done well, no one notices your handiwork. Of course, in TV, millions attend the viewing. And a bad wake can be the death of a show or career. But such are the perils of the TV editor, who must at once represent the director's vision while maintaining the skepticism and surprise of a viewer.    Read More... //

The Slap 1x06 - Aisha

Aisha lands in Boston for a medical conference, only to be drawn dangerously close to a past flame. Later, Hector and Aisha go on a romantic getaway, during which secrets are revealed. Airs Thursday March 19 on NBC.

The Slap 1x05 - Connie Preview

Connie believes her relationship with Hector will save her from her mundane life; when Connie professes her love to Hector, she must deal with what comes next. Airs Thursday March 12 on NBC.

'The Slap's' Melissa George: 'As an actor, you want freedom of speech'

Zap2it: How is it for you to revisit the same role you played in the Australian version on NBC's remake of "The Slap"?Melissa George: I was watching the casting for a year when I heard that [NBC] got "The Slap," and I sat and watched and read. I was like, "Who is going to play Rosie? Who is going to play Rosie?" I said, "This is my girl. This is my woman. I want her to come home." I was signing a deal for another job, and Robbie (executive producer Jon Robin Baitz) called me and said, "You've got to do it." I said, "I am so happy you called, because I want to dig deeper." With his dialogue, it's fantastic.It was so difficult the first time around because it is such difficult subject matter, watching all these actors go through the same thing that we all went through before. It's very confronting, and I've... //

The Slap 1x04 - Manolis Sneak Peek

Manolis believes he's the only one who can save the family and he sets out to convince Aisha to forgive Harry. Later, a night of boozy soul searching leads Manolis to a dying friend. Airs Thursday March 05 on NBC.

The Slap 1x03 - Anouk Sneak Peek

Anouk makes a game-changing discovery while trying to balance her life. Meanwhile, the slapping incident causes cracks to develop in Anouk's friendship with Rosie. Airs Thursday Feb. 26 on NBC.

The Slap Sneak Peek: It's Judgment Day for Harry Will He Be Punished?

Inlast weeks miniseries premiere ofThe Slap, Harry (Zachary Quinto) made it pretty clear that hes not someone you want to anger. And on this Thursdaysepisode (NBC, 8/7c), he really drivesthat point home. TVLine has an exclusive sneak peek at the shows second installment told from Harrys perspective in which hefaces a judge for [] //

Zachary Quinto performed 'The Slap's' pivotal scene 'repetitively'

All it takes is one moment, and one action, to alter relationships forever.For proof, there's "The Slap," NBC's new limited-run series adapted by playwright Jon Robin Baitz ("The Substance of Fire") from a Christos Tsiolkas novel that also inspired a 2011 Australian television drama.Premiering Thursday (Feb. 12), the saga is launched at a birthday party where tensions erupt when the guest of honor's (Peter Sarsgaard) cousin (Zachary Quinto, "Star Trek") delivers a rough slap to the face of a misbehaving child (Dylan Schombing) ... who isn't his, setting off a wave of overt anger, accusations of neglectful parenting and looming lawsuits.Uma Thurman, Thandie Newton, Thomas Sadoski ("The Newsroom"), Penn Badgley ("Gossip Girl"), Marin Ireland and Brian Cox also are in the ensemble cast of "The Slap." Co-star Melissa George ("In Treatment") gets to revisit the role she played in the original version, the mother of the slapped youngster.Each of the eight episodes of "The Slap"... //

'The Slap' Showrunner Talks Going Beyond the Australian Original

Jon Robin Baitz chats with THR about rewriting established characters and shifting perspectives in the eight-episode NBC miniseries.   Read More... //

NBC risks parental blowback with 'The Slap'

Parental discipline has long been a familiar subject in the living room, the classroom and even, in the case of a certain NFL player, the courtroom.  Read More... //