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The moral of 'The Slap'? Everyone is terrible

After eight episode, "The Slap" has come to an end. It only took eight episodes to reach the moral of the story, which is that everybody involved is a terrible person. All it took was for Ritchie (Lucas Hedges) recovering from a suicide attempt and explaining to a judge why he deleted the pictures of the titular slap to see that.After the reveal that he previously tried to kill himself when outed to his former community as gay, Ritchie explained that the party photos included things everyone would be ashamed of -- like Hector (Peter Sarsgaard) fraternizing with Connie (Mackenzie Leigh) and Hugo's father (Thomas Sadoski) drinking too much instead of watching his kid.Ritchie knows first-hand what it's like when your secrets are revealed and he didn't want to be letting that all out. In the end he didn't have much of a choice, though. In explaining what actually happened, he showed that while Harry... //

In The Slap, Kids Are Just Satellites, Orbiting Adults Behaving Badly

  There's a moment in The Slap , NBC's eight-episode exploration of what happens when you hit another person's child (spoiler: nothing good!), after the post-attack hysteria has finally faded. A kindly young tween walks up to his father to apologize for what just happened. He's not the victim nor the assailant. He's just the 12-year-old unlucky enough to have been put in charge while the adults were drinking and fighting and holding hands with college kids who aren't their wives.   Read More... //

Here Is the Slap From The Slap

  This is the life-altering slap from last night's premiere of The Slap . Slap slap slap.   Read More...   //

The Slap: Did That Rugrat Deserve to Be Slapped?

To slap a kid, or to not slap a kid, that is the question.   Read More... //

Series premiere talkback: 'The Slap' - 'Hector'

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall invites his readers to review "The Slap," the new NBC miniseries starring Peter Sarsgaard, Zachary Quinto and Uma Thurman.   Read More... //

TV Review: The Slap Is Not Quite a Hit

  When I say my TV prayers, I ask for domestic dramas and low-concept series about more or less ordinary people and regular experiences no sheriffs, no vampires. In that sense, my prayers have been answered with The Slap . But the TV gods are cruel and pedantic, and The Slap is a reminder that when you ask the universe to send you something, you have to be a little more specific. Send me something better next time, TV gods. Amen.   Read More... //

The Slap: Series Premiere Review

An all-star cast head up this remake of the Australian miniseries about how one moment changes a group of friends.  Read More... //

The Slap Review: NBC Miniseries Drama Hits Hard and Fast

NBC miniseries The Slap is impressive on the performance side and provocative in story. The premiere plants enough seeds to get viewers to return. Veering from its long-standing tradition of Thursday night comedies, NBC premieres the new drama written by playwright Jon Robin Baitz (creator of ABCs Brothers & Sisters) and starring an ensemble cast comprised of actors from theatre, film and television: Peter Sarsgaard , Thandie Newton , Zachary Quinto, Brian Cox , Thomas Sadowski, Melissa George (the only holdover from the original Australian cast) and Uma Thurman .  Read More... //

'The Slap' may challenge notions of fault, but abuse is abuse

Adapted by playwright Jon Robin Baitz from a 2011 Australian miniseries, NBC's "The Slap," which premieres Thursday, purports to address the complexities of parenting, the dangers of self-righteousness and the conflict between thought and deed. Read More... //

The Slap Review: NBC's New Miniseries Just Doesn't Hit Hard Enough

The family drama is full of irritating characters, soap-boxing, and the world's worst narrator.   Read More... //