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Top of the Lake: China Girl Finale Recap: What Happened to Cinnamon?

This show has never met a womb it did not want to put a baby inside.   ...Read More... //

‘Top of the Lake: China Girl’ Review: Elisabeth Moss Returns for an Engrossing New Story

Ignoring shifts in cast and subject matter, the most noticeable difference between the brilliant first season of Jane Campion and Gerard Lee‘s Top of the Lake and its second season, Top of the Lake: China Girl, is in setting. The original series, set in the New Zealand wilds surrounding the town of Paradise, felt primordial and surreal, as Elisabeth Moss‘ Detective Robin Griffin explored the verdant environs for a missing pregnant 12-year-old named Tui (Jacqueline Joe). Griffin’s return to Paradise, her hometown and the setting of her terrifying, life-altering rape as a teenager, felt like Eve returning to Eden after being cast out, reinforced by the unsparing lessons of the outside world and untrusting of Adam and his perverse, condescending brethren. READ MORE...

Top of the Lake: China Girl Recap: The Destiny of Man

Everything is a disaster, everyone is terrible, and its all going to get worse.   ...Read More... //

Top of the Lake: China Girl Review: Jane Campion Improves on Strong First Season

Theres no mystery to why the first season of Jane Campions Top of the Lake was so great: She took the genre trappings of a typical detective story to examinesexual abuse and the power struggle between men and women. Top of the Lake: China Girl, the second season of the miniseries premiering this Sunday on SundanceTV, might be even better than the first. Itputs the shows themes above the mystery without sacrificing any of the action, tension or subversive touches. Elisabeth Moss, Gwendoline Christie and Nicole Kidman are a wonderful trio of dark, complex and flawed characters, and its harrowing to see if they can survive their demons.   ...Read More... //

Top Of The Lake: China Girl Review: Elisabeth Moss & Nicole Kidman Top-Notch In Jane Campion Series

Elisabeth Moss and Nicole Kidman are both up for Emmys this year, but based on their performances in Top Of The Lake: China Girl , they should be considered major contenders for 2018 awards too. As I say in my video review above, both Moss who won an Golden Globe for her role in the first Top Of The Lake installment in 2013 and the Oscar-winning Kidman turn in prodigious performances in this compelling and almost endlessly emotionally probing six-episode limited series  ...Read More... //

Top of the Lake: China Girl Review: Elisabeth Moss Shines (Again) in Sundance's Superb Crime Drama

Elisabeth Moss will be a top contender at this years Emmys, and deservedly so, for her work in Hulus The Handmaids Tale. And she might as well make plans for a return trip next year, too, based on her knockout performance in Sundances gritty, mesmerizing crime drama Top of the Lake: China Girl. A sequel [] //

REVIEW: 'Top Of The Lake' - Finale Rippling With Twists

Despite this, the pace of the narrative stayed admirably consistent with previous episodes, even as Detective Robin (Elisabeth Moss) headed into Matt's territory, ostensibly to hear his confession, but actually to reel in shock as he played his final card.   Read More... //

Series finale review: 'Top of the Lake'

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews the series finale of "Top of the Lake," the Sundance Channel miniseries starring Elisabeth Moss as a cop investigating the disappearance of a pregnant pre-teen in a remote New Zealand lake town. Read More... //

Review: Jane Campion's 'Top of the Lake' a riveting long-form mystery

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "Top of the Lake," the new Sundance miniseries co-created by "The Piano" director Jane Campion, starring Elisabeth Moss as a New Zealand detective investigating the disappearance of a pregnant girl. //