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'Tosh.0's' Daniel Tosh to EP New Animated Series on Comedy Central

Comedy Central is going forward on an animated series from executive producers  Tosh.0’s  Daniel Tosh  and comedians  Waco O’Guin  and  Roger Black  titled  Brickleberry . The series follows a group of ne’er-do-well forest rangers who are facing the shut down of their National Park when a new ranger arrives to help transform them and save the park. The network has picked the series up for a 10-episode order. Brickleberry  starts production this fall and premieres in 2012. Read More... //

TOSH.0 Season 4 Announced

Well you can continue to create some crazy videos  and put them on the internet , because Daniel Tosh will be back to make fun of them. That’s right  TOSH.0  will return for season 4 with 26 new episodes scheduled to premiere  in January 2012. Kent Alterman, head of original programming and production for Comedy Central had this to say:. //

Top Moments: Jon Stewart's Delicious Rant, The Voice's Fatal Kiss and an Uncertain Weiner

Our top moments of the week: 11. Worst Call for Help:  On the  Real Housewives of New Jersey , Teresa  goes over to Jacqueline 's house for help writing a letter to Teresa's brother, Joe. Unfortunately, pretty much all  of Jacqueline's advice falls on deaf ears, as Teresa tells her, "You really don't know ... it's between me and my brother," and then proceeds to overstay her welcome by a few hours. Don't you have your own McMansion for this sort of thing? 10. Worst Plagiarism:  During  Platinum Hit 's song hook challenge (its version of a  Top Chef quickfire), Nevin whips up a little ditty on the keyboard about Los Angeles, titled "You'll Never Be My Home," that sounds awfully similar  to this . "Does anything in your song sound familiar? Like maybe you heard it before?"  Jewel  questions the blank-faced songwriter.  Kara DioGuardi  cuts right to the point: "Elton John's 'Candle in the Wind,'" she says, as Nevin does his best shocked face. Fittingly, he later got eliminated. Your candle burned out long before your legend ever, um, began, Nevin. 9. Best Made-for-TV Union:  How do you up the ante after another crazy season of  The Real World ? By taking a showmance to the next level with a wedding! Naomi and Mike tie the knot in Vegas and exchange the most honest (read: awkward) wedding vows we've ever heard. Mike promises Naomi he'll work hard to "somehow afford the lavish lifestyle you want to live" and Naomi compliments her new hubby on being able to look beyond her many sexual escapades with his roommate — who she "might be doing" again tonight. There's no way this marriage will last, but at least this time the reality stars are in on the joke. Read More... //

Tosh.0: The Naked Wizard Explains Himself (VIDEO)

Naked Wizard, the micro-peened streaker who became famous online after footage circulated of him being tazed at the 2009 Coachella music festival, got a long-delayed Web Redemption on Tosh.0 last night. Host and Wizard entered a porta-potty to get completely naked, but were swept away by a twister and landed in the colorful world of Tosh.0z. Fun! Then Wizard then told the story of what led to his nakedness; it involves taking acid off a Q-tip, tripping a lot, and inexplicably feeling the need to be naked. "I came to in jail," he recalled, thinking at first it was all a hallucination. Don’t worry, though: Wizard has tripped since, and continues to make a living...   //

James Van Der Beek Crashes the Naked Wizard's Web Redemption on 'Tosh.0' (VIDEO)

This week's redemption featured a surprise guest star on 'Tosh.0' (Wed., 10PM ET on Comedy Central). In what turned out to be a very naked episode, it was appropriately the Naked Wizard's turn for redemption -- or rather, ridicule -- at the hands of Daniel Tosh. His journey to infamy began when he took off a wizard costume at a music festival. The video of his getting tasered by the police for refusing to get dressed went viral, and subsequent editors added a tiny dot over his genitalia to emphasize his size there. Tying it all together, Tosh took him on a 'Wizard of Oz'-inspired journey to get a bigger penis and maybe meet Paul McCartney. But, just like in the movie, the wizard proved to be a man behind a curtain. Only this time that man was James Van Der Beek. //

Tom Bergeron's Wife: Tosh 2.0 Shout Out

Tom Bergeron had a cameo on Tosh 2.0 as the host of Dancing With The Internet Stars. Our esteemed host showed off his sense of humor, making quips about Bristol Palin and responding to one judge's comment of "Blow me, Bergeron, your wife is hot" with this simple reply: "Yeah, she is actually." Go Tom! //

"The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" and "The Colbert Report" Return to

 Hulu and Viacom Inc. (NYSE: VIA and VIA.B) today announced a new content partnership that will return " The  Daily Show  with Jon Stewart"  and " The  Colbert Report " to and bring many popular TV shows from Viacom’s media networks, including Comedy Central, MTV, BET, VH1, Spike TV, and TV Land to the Hulu Plus subscription service. Under the agreement, current full episodes and clips of  "The  Daily Show  with Jon Stewart"  and  "The  Colbert Report "  will be available on the free ad-supported service and through the Hulu Plus subscription service beginning February 2, 2011.  In addition, Viacom will make available to Hulu Plus subscribers a selection of current programs, like  Jersey Shore ,  Tosh.0 ,  Teen Mom  2, Manswers, Let’s Stay Together,  and  Hot in Cleveland 21 days after they air.  Viacom content availability on Hulu Plus will vary on a show-by-show basis. Read More... //

TOSH .0 Season 3 Clip

Check out a clip for Season 3 of TOSH .0 which premieres on Tuesday, January 11 at 10pm. The show is hosted by the hilarious Daniel Tosh. Tosh .0 Synopsis: The third season of "Tosh.0? includes a wealth of infamous internet sensations, disgusting viral videos, injurious idiots and promises to have the most weirdos plucked from the internet in "Tosh.0? history. In addition, the world will finally get the answer to the question every "Tosh.0? fan has been dying to know since Tosh’s phenomenal season two came to a close…what will he be wearing this season? Having retired cardigans, casual jackets and deep V’s, what will the sexy host don next? Read More... //

'Tosh.0' attracts 2.4 million viewers: The best pop culture clip show out there?

Could Comedy Central ever have known what a hit Tosh.0 would become when they launched it in June 2009? A web-clip show modeled after The Soup, Tosh.0 features comedian Daniel Tosh offering his spin on viral Internet videos, and in just one year, the program has grown from 3-year-old crying over Justin Bieber levels of notoriety to Charlie bit my finger - again! levels of fame. Now, in its second season, Tosh.0's most recent episodes have garnered more than 2 million viewers, with the most recent airing achieving a huge 2.4 million. This is a far cry from the first season average, which came in at just above a million viewers, so it's no surprise that Comedy Central has already renewed the program for a third season, set to debut in January 2011. Still, I'm wondering: In a television landscape inundated with pop-culture clip shows like The Soup, The Dish, and Web Soup, why is Tosh.0 blowing up? To Read More Click Here .

Tonight's TV Hot List: Thursday, June 11, 2009

* So You Think You Can Dance (9 pm/ET Fox) Only Mary Murphy truly knows what her Hot Tamale Train is all about, but tonight's first results show of the season will find two of the Top 20 dancers getting off at the next station. Before that happens, however, the bottom three couples will dance for their TV lives in solo routines, and if that's not enough sizzle for you, rapper Sean Kingston performs "Fire Burning" from his second album, Tomorrow. * American Chopper (9 pm/ET TLC) The Teutuls are no strangers to family conflict, so they should have plenty in common with tonight's featured client: Jon Gosselin, star of Jon & Kate plus 8 and recent tabloid target. Jon has commissioned OCC to build him a custom chopper, so Senior, Junior and Mikey take a trip to the Gosselins' Pennsylvania home to get a better idea of what he wants. And the guys get on Kate's good side by bringing her a pink scooter of her own. * She's Got the Look (9 pm/ET TV Land) The search for modeling's new face - over-35 division - is back for a second season of smiles, tears, laughs and fears. Host Kim Alexis guides 20 women through a grueling competition that rewards the winner with an exclusive contract and a photo spread in Self magazine, and as an extra incentive, also comes with a $100,000 prize. Tonight the hopefuls move into the New York City loft they'll share for the next seven weeks, and begin their quest to redefine what it means to be a "model" citizen. * Raising Sextuplets (10 pm/ET WE) There's a new family of multiples in town. Spun from WE's 2008 special OMG! Sextuplets!, this series follows first-time parents Bryan and Jenny Masche as they wade through the chaos of parenting six toddlers. In tonight's premiere, just giving the dog a bath turns into an ordeal for the gang. Jenny is also preparing to return to work and training for a marathon. Bryan, on the other hand, hasn't sprung back into shape as quickly as his wife and struggles to shed sympathy weight he packed on during Jenny's pregnancy. * Tosh.0 (10 pm/ET Comedy Central) Last week's premiere gave us a taste of what to expect from comic Daniel Tosh's new show, which uses the boob tube to show us what YouTube - and everything else on the Internet - has to offer. OK, so there weren't any sneezing pandas, but there are nine more episodes to go. And if you thought the Afro Ninja's Web Redemption was touching last week, wait until Miss Teen South Carolina takes another stab at world geography. Source Here