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In Town of the Living Dead, the colorful folks of Jasper, Alabama are determined, once and for all, to complete their zombie movie, Thr33 Days Dead… now six long years in the making. Based on a town urban legend, their film centers on a group of friends trying to survive a zombie apocalypse in rural Alabama. The series will follow the intrepid and motley crew of amateur filmmakers as they struggle against every obstacle imaginable to get to a final cut of their film…which could someday become a movie!
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by zazerhContributor
Oct 27, 2014 1:54AM EDT

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This is painful to watch and I nearly didn't make it through the pilot. The agonizing attempts of the protagonists to make a film are cringe-inducing, and not in a good way. I hate to crap on someone's dreams, but I wish someone in this woman's family would help her realize she is wasting her life savings. I suppose they all get to be on a borderline exploitative reality show and that's better... well, it's something, I guess.


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