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TRAFFIC LIGHT “Help Wanted” Episode 13 [Review]

TRAFFIC LIGHT  "Help Wanted" Episode 13 – Daryl "Chill" Mitchell has one of those faces that you kind of know, sort of recognize and remember, but can’t quite place his name. And sure, I’d seen the House  Party  movies, but ages ago, and a very forgettable  10 Things I Hate About You , and even the vaguely-funny  John Larroquette Show . So he was a dude I sort of knew, but sort of didn’t. "Chill" shows up in a wheelchair on this season-ending (and series-ending) episode of  Traffic Light , and I’m thinking,  I know that guy, funny dude… and he sure gets along well in that wheelchair! Come to find out the actor has actually been wheelchair-bound since 2001 after a biking accident with spinal cord damage. D’oh! But he’s really damned good. His comedic timing is impeccable; sort of the bizarre love-child an impossible union between Bernie Mac (R.I.P.) and Chris Tucker might produce. And dude did a stint on  The Cosby Show ; you can’t get much better sitcom grooming than that. Read More... //

TRAFFIC LIGHT “Where The Heart Is” Review

TRAFFIC LIGHT  "Where The Heart Is" Episode 11 – Okay, okay. This show may actually be close to winning me over. There. I said it. It was a grudging thing at first, and the couple dynamics are still a little weird; like pretty much the girls win every confrontation (or they at least get in the best digs). But this episode was enjoyable on a number of small levels. Now I’m not exactly ready to throw my hands up and declare the next  Friends —some perspective here, please—but at the very least it was able to showcase its people in a more favorable light. The GPS rivalry between Mike (Dave Denman) and Lisa (Liza Lapira, who improves with every episode) was fun in that you really weren’t sure where it was going  to go; double irony points for the fact  that Lisa finally found him using that tried and true method of knowledge coupled with intuition. I still don’t know what would attract a girl to a caveman like Mike (I guess he has money , there’s that), but hey. It seemed to work here, and I found myself drawn into their little war of attrition. Read More... //

TRAFFIC LIGHT “Bonebag” Review

TRAFFIC LIGHT  "Bonebag" Episode 10 – Well they hit me with something I thought was impossible: an episode of  Traffic Light  that I actually sympathized with. I’ve been on the  Kill Callie  bandwagon. Hell, I may have started it (though I would hope there are other discerning gentlemen before me who have taste and cannot abide her). But this thrift-store C-rate Rachel-from-Friends wannabe really gets under my skin, and "Bonebag" gave me another reason to hate her. Read More... //

TRAFFIC LIGHT “Best Man” Review

TRAFFIC LIGHT  "Best Man" Episode 10 – The good news about "Best Man" is it wasn’t as utterly crappy as the last episode I watched, "Kiss Me Kate." The bad news is that basically means it went from an F+ to a D+. But it’s progress. It’s improvement. If we’re somewhere in the C territory next week, I may even consider watching  Traffic Light  without  Axey’s Requisite Bucket of  Dog Chew  Toys  sitting handily by my couch. (I sometimes throw them at my television set.) (No worries, I have a miniature Schnauzer , the TV is safe, his toys are small.) So what made this better? Let’s start off with what didn’t make it better: Read More... //

TRAFFIC LIGHT “Kiss Me Kate” Review

TRAFFIC LIGHT  "Kiss Me Kate" Episode 8 – As with most new shows I follow (especially withBRAND  NEW shows), I will go with a rundown of the premise and primaries: Traffic Light  centers around the friendship of three men who have been friends since college and are now in their 30?s. It’s a "romantic comedy" if we’re trying to be specific, though I’ve seen little in the way of actual romance on the show.  Traffic Light  was adapted from a like-minded show from across the pond (what show isn’t these days?) called  Ramzor . Adir Miller is the responsible entity. It’s sort of in the  How I Met Your Mother  / Rules of Engagemen t mindset in that each couple (and the one single dude) are basically in different stages of their lives. I wish it was half as good as either of those shows. Each character feels like a lesser version of other characters we’ve seen many times before. This show had pretty good buzz for a short bit, so I was hopeful going  into it. "Kiss Me Kate" was the first  Traffic Light  episode I’ve ever seen, so bear with me. Here are the players: Read More... //

TRAFFIC LIGHT “All The Precedent’s Men” Advance Review

We are on the third episode of FOX’s new comedy series, TRAFFIC LIGHT , and I think this little show is gaining momentum. This week’s episode centers around squashing annoying habits before they become precedents ranging from the girl that intentionally leaves her stuff behind in a guy’s apartment to a girlfriend that constantly invades your "me time." I probably do not need to tell you that the first situation is all Ethan. After all, he is the commitment phobic one. However, the way he tries to deal with it and his girlfriend’s ability to out match him is something to behold. For me, the funniest plot involved Lisa encouraging Mike to call a hot lawyer who is seeking advice about a particular judge. Although Mike is reluctant to do so, thinking it it some form of cheating on Lisa, she encourages him because every female businesswoman needs mentoring and should not be shut out by male colleagues. I am pretty sure that when Lisa suggested the mentoring, she did not envision drinking, shooting hoops or the conversation that the three of them would have over salad. Read More... //

TRAFFIC LIGHT “En Fuego” Advance Review

TRAFFIC LIGHT is back tonight for its second episode on FOX. I had the opportunity to review it in advance and this episode brought the laughs, mostly in subtle ways, which I particularly enjoy. The boys are at it again. This week centers around Mike’s "rules" especially those concerning current girlfriends and wives not friending ex-girlfriends. No one wants to listen to him and blows off his rule with disasterous affects. Not only does it appear that Mike has rules about girlfriends, but we learn he pretty much is a rule follower in most of life. Should we be that surprised? He is a lawyer after all. The other plot in tonight’s episode involved each guy and their "go-to" manuever. You know, the one that makes the girls swoon or gets them the girl? Each guy has one and whether it works or not depends on if the rules are followed. It was funny that you could tell Mike hadn’t used his in awhile as soon as you heard what it was. It was also amusing to hear that Ethan changes his up. Of course he would, with as many women as he has dated. Read More... //

Traffic Light: "Pilot" Review

Among TV comedy set ups, following a group of couples with different sensibilities has become a popular subgenre. Rules of Engagement and 'Til Death both had the "old couple/younger couple" dynamic, while the recent Perfect Couples has the "three couples who are all friends with each other but have distinct styles" thing going for it – just kidding, Perfect Couples has nothing going for it.   Traffic Light   certainly isn't breaking any new ground as far as the situation for its comedy – it's about two couples at different stages (one married with a baby, the other just having moved in together), and their wacky, single friend. So a bit like Rules of Engagement, minus the age difference for the couples.    Read More... //

TRAFFIC LIGHT Pilot Advance Review

Tonight, February 8, 2011, at 9:30 p.m. ET/8:30 p.m. CT, FOX debuts its latest comedy ensemble, TRAFFIC LIGHT. I had the opportunity to review the pilot episode in advance and was pleasantly surprised. Traffic Light is about three men who have been friends since their college days (along with a fourth friend who is not in the picture). The men are now in their 30s and are trying to navigate through life and the different paths that it takes you on. Each one of the guys is at a different stage in his life, but they still manage to stick together to support each other and to blow off steam. Mike (played by David Denman who you may know as Roy from The Office) is the married lawyer. Adam (Nelson Franklin) is the somewhat nerdy magazine writer who has recently decided to move in with his girlfriend. Finally, there is Ethan (Kris Marshall) the British EMS guy who still stumbles in his relationships, never holding one for longer than three weeks. Rounding out the cast are Mike’s wife, Lisa (Lisa Lapria), and Adam’s girlfriend, Callie (Aya Cash). Read More... //