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Training Day Series Finale Recap: Did Kyle Avenge His Father's Murder?

Training Days one-and-done run at the very least led to a satisfying climax, as well as hinted at a new dynamic between Frank and his trainee. Having learned that there was a second key that matched the one Billy buried years ago, and having snatched it during a brawl with Kyle, Frank tells a worried [] //

Training Day Recap 2/16/17: Season 1 Episode 3 “Trigger Time”

Training Day begins with Rebecca and Tommy meeting with Lara to get her started in a waitress job. They hope this will draw out Koslov. Frank and Kyle eat breakfast in her diner and discuss the Russian mob. As they eat two mobsters enter and see Lara. Frank wants to wait until they make a move but Kyle insists on arresting them for a massacre breaks out. Frank yells at Kyle for not standing down. The arrive at a crime scene filled with multiple dead gang members. Frank doesn’t believe it was gangs. He thinks it is Russian mob activity. Kyle leaves the scene obviously upset but won’t tell Frank what is wrong. Franks interviews his informant who tells him it wasn’t gangs. It was El Cucuy, the bogie man. As they talk, two me shoot at Frank and Kyle but narrowly miss hitting them. Frank confronts Cobra Kai and Baron trying to get information about the murder of the gang member and about the failed hit on he and Kyle. Baron blames El Cucuy. Koslov appears and tries to take Lara but Rebecca scares them away but not before he threatens revenge. Rebecca has Lara stay at her place so she can protect her. The mayor confronts Kyle about his undercover work with Frank She is unhappy he has not given her anything to bring Frank down. She warn Kyle not to let Frank into his head. Rebecca sees Kyle leave the mayor’s office and makes a direct threat that she will kill him if she finds out he is trying to bring Frank down. READ MORE...

Training Day Recap 2/9/17: Season 1 Episode 2 “Tehrangeles”

Kyle had been confused. He had thought his father had died in a robbery gone bad and so it had been shocking when Frank told him that his father’s death had been somehow covered up. So Kyle had gone looking for answers in some of his father’s old things. He had wanted to see if he could find anything that was even remotely related to Frank or what Frank told him however the boxes hadn’t provided any clues about what really happened to Bill Craig. But his mother on the other hand had known something. She had asked her son why he was looking into his father and it hadn’t taken her very long to realize that Frank had been telling Kyle things he shouldn’t have. Kyle’s mother had seemingly forgotten to tell her son that Frank had called her after Bill died and that he had tried to tell her that Frank had gotten involved with something yet she hadn’t wanted to hear it and had chosen to believe the story she had been told about the robbery. She later explained that she had been left alone with a son to look after and that Kyle’s well-being had to come first for her. However, Mrs. Craig other explanation for why she didn’t Kyle anything when he got older was because she didn’t want her son to follow the same path that his father in case he ended up like Bill. So she lied and she had done it to protect him. READ MORE...

Training Day Premiere Recap 2/2/17: Season 1 Episode 1 “Apocalypse Now”

The show opens with Kyle and his partner being fired upon as they enter an apartment containing a screaming woman and her baby. A bearded man shoots at them with a semi-automatic weapon. Kyle grabs the man’s arm and as they fight they knock over a water heater which release gas into the air. Kyle grabs the baby as the man starts firing again which causes an explosion. The explosion sends Kyle and the baby out the window and down onto a car on the road two stories below. Kyle flashes back to a memory of he and his father planting a community garden. As they work several rough looking boys watch them. Kyle worries that the boys will destroy the garden but his father flashes his gun and the boys leave. His father tells him being a man isn’t about how tough you are but rather about building thing ups. You have to leave the world better than you found it. Kyle and the baby are fine. Kyle’s wife tells him that he is chasing his father’s ghost and he flashes to his father’s funeral and he tells her his father’s killers have a 10-year head start on him but he will find them. They kiss until they are interrupted by a telephone call from the deputy chief who asks him to meet her tomorrow at city hall.They met and she asks him what he knows about the Alonzo Harris scandal. She tells him the aftermath scattered the city. She needs him to go undercover to make sure they don’t have another scandal like that. READ MORE...

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