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60 minutes

Ugly Betty follows the daily life of Betty Suarez, a young woman from a struggling Latino family in Queens, who works as an executive assistant at MODE fashion magazine in Manhattan. Most of her female co-workers are more attractive than she is; they often humiliate and insult her because of her appearance (her only friend is Christina McKinney, the Scottish seamstress). Suarez is not very interested in fashion and is sometimes clueless about the company's motives and organizations, although she does have a passion for photography. Her boss, the womanizing Daniel Meade, also lacks fashion experience. However, both are intent on performing well at their jobs, even at the expense of those trying to stop them, most prominently Mode's creative director, Wilhelmina Slater.
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by Krysi
Jun 10, 2019 10:51PM EDT

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I love love love Ugly Betty but the ending has always frustrated me. Part of me feels like it needed more and another part feels like it ended perfectly. I am so torn but i really enjoyed rewatching it!!


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