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IFC To Air 'Freaks And Geeks' & 'Undeclared' - Starpulse

IFC has acquired the complete series of Judd Apatow's Emmy®-winning high school comedy "Freaks and Geeks" (18 episodes) and college spinoff "Undeclared" (17 episodes) from Paramount Pictures Corporation. These two cult TV hits helped launch the careers of Jay Baruchel, Jenna Fischer, James Franco, Seth Rogen and Jason Segel, among other young stars. "Freaks and Geeks" will premiere on IFC on Friday, July 2 at 11 pm, et/pt, and encore on Mondays at 11 pm and Sundays at 10 pm. "Undeclared" will debut on IFC this fall. A previously unaired episode of "Undeclared" will make its U.S. television debut on IFC. To Read More Click Here .

Forgotten Performance of the Day: Jason Segel in Undeclared

Before Judd Apatow: big-time movie producer, there was Judd Apatow: super-awesome TV producer. The thing is, nobody realized that Judd Apatow was a super-awesome TV producer until his TV shows ( Freaks and Geeks , Undeclared ) were off of the air. Neither show survived an entire season (though Freaks and Geeks in particular has established itself as a cult classic in its DVD afterlife). You may have forgotten, but Jason Segel appeared in both of those little gems. He was one of the main characters in Freaks and Geeks (Nick Andopolis, the stoner "freak" who was madly in love with Linda Cardellini's "geek turned freak" character, Lindsay Weir) as well as a supporting character in Undeclared (the copy-shop managing, long-distance boyfriend of main character Lizzie). Jason Segel has finally found more mainstream success - playing Marshall on CBS's How I Met Your Mother and playing the lead in Apatow's upcoming Forgetting Sarah Marshall - but it is kind of fun to watch him shine in one of his earlier performances. I dare you to not laugh when watching these clips of Jason Segel in Undeclared: Jason Segel's 5 Greatest Undeclared Moments Image courtesy of