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30 minutes

Uta Koi details a selection of romantic poems from the Hyakunin isshu, including the tale of Ariwara no Narihira's affair with imperial consort Fujiwara no Takaiko, the romantic relationship between Narihira's brother Ariwara no Yukihira and his wife Hiroko, amongst others.
Apr 19, 2016 9:01PM EDT

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i am not a romantic person. i truly hate harem anime and stupid girl anime that insults girls but this made me want to read poetry and hear it from a man. based on real books from the era. this anime is a true classic that should be used to teach kids that poetry is something that can the world if you let it. if you get the chance get the books they are free on Amason so please go out and watch the anime and read the books. each episode shows you how the poetry was made and people it inspired. this truly was a time when the pen was mightyer then the sword


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