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'Utopia' recap: Week 4: Smaller America

The time has come to nominate three Utopians for replacement. Unfortunately, only one can be replaced.   Read More... //

'Utopia' recap: Week 3: Who Run Utopia? Girls.

In Week 3, the women take charge, and the pioneers finally start making some money; they also act like children and fight a lot, but this is Utopia , it isn't perfect... wait.   Read More... //


From Big Brother creator John de Mol comes a new reality TV series -- or as FOX calls it, a "social experiment" -- called  Utopia , the central premise of which is actually pretty interesting: 14 people (termed "pioneers") have left their lives and families behind to live one year on an isolated, undeveloped plot of land called Utopia. Here, they're asked to create their own dream community from scratch. That means limited resources, zero plumbing and no electricity (at least until they make it themselves). Basically the idea is, what makes an ideal society? Democracy? Fidelity? Free love? Religion? It's all up to these 14 people, who come from  extremely  diverse backgrounds. Read More... //

'Utopia' recap: Week Two: How to Brand Utopia in 12 Easy Steps

Tonight's episode sees the 13 remaining pioneers trading in their weak and weary for a new Director of Social Media Something or Other and Vice President of Eye Candy.   Read More... //

'Utopia,' an 'experiment,' seen as hope for reviving reality TV world

He's not the world's most expressive man, but John de Mol Jr. does get visibly peeved if you suggest that his new reality TV show sounds an awful lot like a certain other reality TV show.   Read More... //

'Utopia' recap: Part Two: Utopia State of Ugh

Tonight, it's a three-way battleto see who can behave most disturbingly while trying to create a new society. Hint: It's a three-way tie!   Read More... //

'Utopia' season premiere recap: Part One: Gird Your Chickens

The 14 " founding fathers and mothers" of Utopia settle into their vaguely stocked new world to yell at each other, get drunk, and maybe build an ideal society if they have time.   Read More... //