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'Vice Principals' Grad Joins 'The Gospel of Kevin' in Recasting

Kimberly Hebert Gregory replaces Cristela Alonzo, who played Yvette in the original pilot of the Jason Ritter dramedy.  ...Read More... //feedproxy.google.com/~r/thr/television/~3/uRXJzeNsPa4/gospel-kevin-casts-kimberly-hebert-gregory-1014340

Vice Principals Star Recalls Bill Murray Baton Handoff: Like Walking in on God

As Dr. Belinda Brown on HBOs new comedy Vice Principals, Kimberly Hbert Gregory has arguably the best character introduction in television history. After all, who else can say theyve replaced Bill Murray . The Rushmore and Lost in Translation actor appears in Episode one as the retiring high school principal who she eventually succeeds. ...Read More... //www.thewrap.com/vice-principals-star-hbo-bill-murray-walking-in-on-god/

Vice Principals Breakout Star Reveals Real-Life Inspiration Behind Dr Belinda Brown

Seven episodes into Season 1of HBOs new comedy Vice Principals, and Kimberly Hbert Gregory has emerged the true third star of the show, playing a newly-hired high school principal opposite Danny McBride and Walton Goggins as her inherited sniveling second fiddles. If you havent seen the show, created by Eastbound & Down masterminds McBride and Jody Hill , Dr. Belinda Brown (Gregory) is confident in her role as head of the school, having just breezed into town from Philadelphia with her two sons, much to the dismay of incessant, puerile infighters Neal Gamby (McBride) and Lee Russell (Goggins). The two incumbent vice principals soon become bent on bringing her down. ...Read More... //www.thewrap.com/vice-principals-breakout-star-reveals-real-life-inspiration-behind-dr-belinda-brown/

Walton Goggins on Why HBO’s ‘Vice Principals’ Is a Drama

Created by Danny McBride and Jody Hill (who also created Eastbound & Down), the HBO dark comedy series Vice Principals follows Neal Gamby (McBride) and Lee Russell (Walton Goggins), ambitious vice principals who both have their sights set on the principal position at a suburban high school. When Dr. Belinda Brown (Kimberly Hebert Gregory) stepped in, the two men put their mutual disdain aside to form an unholy alliance to bring down the outsider by any means necessary, no matter how outrageous. Told over the course of a single school year, the first season takes place during the fall while the second season of an already shot additional nine episodes will cover the spring term. READ MORE...

Meet the reason 'Vice Principals' doesn't sound like any other comedy on TV

Joseph Stephens is the composer for 'Vice Principals,' the outrageous HBO comedy starring Danny McBride and Walton Goggins, and he visited HitFix to talk about working with Jody Hill to create the signature sound of this dark and wicked show. .  Read More... //www.hitfix.com/motion-captured/composer-joseph-stephens-talks-about-finding-the-signature-sound-for-vice-principals

'Vice Principals' Star Refutes Racism Accusations: "This Is Actually What Equality Looks Like"

The series has received criticism from depicting two white men (Danny McBride and Walton Goggins) trying to overthrow their African-American female superior. ....Read More... //feedproxy.google.com/~r/thr/television/~3/NzEOUtJ1VrI/vice-principals-racism-accusations-915940

Vice Principals Star Lauds HBO Show as Being What Casting Equality Looks Like

Kimberly Hebert Gregory is a black woman who takes a ton of crap (and gives it right back) from two white men in HBOs Vice Principals and the actress behind Dr. Belinda Brown would have it no other way. During the sitcoms Saturday morning Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour panel, a member of the media asked the cast and creatorshow they maintain a comedic tone with such aglaring depiction of Caucasian men ganging up on an African-American woman. ....Read More... //www.thewrap.com/vice-principals-hbo-casting-equality-black-white-kimberly-herbert-gregory/

WATCH: Danny McBride teases Neal's redemption on 'Vice Principals'

Why the creator wanted to keep the series to two seasons...   Read More... //feeds.ew.com/~r/entertainmentweekly/tv/coverage/~3/NJp7O7jGfM8/vice-principal-comic-con-danny-mcbride-neal-redemption

What to Watch This Weekend: School is in session on 'Vice Principals'

Plus: Your weekly dose of '80s nostalgia  ... Read More... //feeds.ew.com/~r/entertainmentweekly/tv/coverage/~3/kOW2dQmmmAw/what-to-watch-this-weekend-vice-principals-ballers

Walton Goggins on 25 Years of Playing That Guy

Until he found a crazy fan in Quentin Tarantino. ...  Read More.... //www.vulture.com/2016/07/walton-goggins-on-25-years-of-playing-that-guy.html?mid=full-rss-vulture