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'Whodunnit?' finale: Who is the killer? Who won? Cris Crotz, Kam Perez or Lindsey Anderson?

Time for the Season 1 finale of "Whodunnit?" -- there's no Season 2 yet, but we're keeping our fingers crossed because we've really enjoyed this show. Also, did you read the companion e-book that was released prior to the premiere? There's a follow-up e-book being released in a week, which we hope means there will be a second season.Anyway. On to the mystery.The MurderWhen we last left our intrepid crime solvers, Giles was tied up somewhere and Melina disappeared into the smoke-filled room. Kam decides that Melina is dead and they are in the last known whereabouts, but the "killer" gives them a video message about the 613 code from the first murder. Kam's the only one who figures out the code and it gets them into a room full of evidence, the murder weapons and such, plus Melina's body (that appears to take a breath upon her close-up, hee). Melina's been garroted with Geno's... //