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The Hate Recap: On the First Episode of Work It

At some point last year, Work It creators and co-executive producers Andrew Reich and Ted Cohen walked into a room at ABC and gave the following pitch to executives: "Two unemployed guys dress up like women to get jobs." Instead of the ABC executives saying, "Get the fuck out of my office you numbskulls, you just pitched me Bosom Buddies ," the executives said, "Oh, you guys worked on Friends , right? We’ll have legal send over the paperwork." Work It is a REAL television show. It’s a real show and it’s on ABC. The American Broadcasting Company — the same network that gave us Taxi , The Wonder Years , and Twin Peaks . This is not a "Funny or Die" sketch about a bad sitcom. This is a real TV show that many people spent millions of dollars to make. Work It is something that ACTUALLY happened on the planet Earth, January 3, 2012. Because such mind-bending crassness does not occur every day, we feel duty bound to acknowledge it, savor it, and, of course, mock it. Forthwith, please enjoy this very special recap, a Hate Recap, of the absurdity known as Work It . Read More... //

Review: 'Work It' Is Awful and Embarrassing for ABC

  When the bile bubbles up contemplating what heinous element of a series to slaughter first, you’ve got a problem. Or, rather, ABC has a problem. It’s not just that  Work It  is poorly written, broadly acted and apparently produced without any shame, it’s that any number of people had a chance to say no to the groin-thwack against standards that is this series, but they refused. Read More... //

'Work It' review: An early front-runner for the worst show of 2012

This is likely the first-ever TV review on Zap2it to cite the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. But we're in not-very-well-charted territory with ABC's joyless, charmless new show "Work It." And although we're only three days into 2012, we're pretty confident this show will end up near the top of lots of "worst" lists next December.The show's premise is that the economy is so bad for men that two guys (Ben Koldyke, best known as Don on "How I Met Your Mother," and Amaury Nolasco from "Prison Break") who've been out of work for a year have to resort to dressing up as women to land new jobs. It's a "mancession," their crude buddy/expository device Brian (John Caparulo) declares. Women are snapping up all the jobs, and soon men will just be kept around as "sex slaves."It's true that when unemployment spiked in 2008 and '09, the percentage of men out of work passed that... //

Television reviews: 'Work It,' 'Jane By Design'

Two new series attempt to wring laughs from today's difficult job market, but only one shows promise. The economy — sluggish, recession-y, depressed — while slow to recover has also been slow to inspire television series about the slow-to-recover economy. As if in recompense, not one but two shows with premises rooted in high unemployment premiere Tuesday. //,0,4348313.story

Review: ABC's horrible 'Work It' a drag in every way

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews the terrible new ABC sitcom "Work It," in which cross-dressing has never seemed less funny. //